Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)

The red backdrop in Snoke’s patio room is magnificent, some of the great set design of our time. Master stroke having it burn down around them as well :kissing::ok_hand:


Just watched this again.

Such a great film.


(Moving this back into the TLJ thread.)

Rewatched TLJ last night and I think he looks like other Force Ghosts, it’s just that the effect is cleaner thanks to technology and (I guess) no one made the attempt to retro it to that degree?

Yeah, that’s what I assumed too which is a shame but not the worst thing ever committed to film.

Glad you liked it again on re-watch - anything in particular strike you as ‘better’ this time around?

All the humour worked better which I expected in any case, but it also felt tighter. It still feels a little too long but every part seemed worthwhile, whereas on first watch I remember wondering where the film was going when Canto Bight happened.

I also didn’t clock the first time that Rey had stolen all the Jedi books so nothing is burned in the tree.

More convinced than ever that Yoda is just a figment of Luke’s imagination though. Their interaction isn’t like the ones with Kenobi in the previous films where he is saying thingsLuke doesn’t know and adding to a conversation.

Also I think Yoda as a For e ghost does look like Kenobi in Jedi, no? I have a feeling the effect there is much less ethereal, probably because his sequence is so long?


That’s interesting - I felt the same, all the pieces do work but it just seems a bit stretched at times. I’m all for having as much Star Wars as possible but the occasional trim wouldn’t have hurt the overall vision.

I hope we get a montage in 9 of Rey reading the texts and practising some of what they preach :wink:

I take your point about Luke and Yoda’s interaction - the dialogue can lean both ways. Meditate on this, I will…

It still doesn’t to me - Obi Wan in ROTJ seems more opaque, that is to say they made him look ‘more like a ghost’. Yoda in TLJ looks like someone is just shining a blue torch above his head.

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Still don’t think ‘pageturner’ Is a word Yoda should use

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Yep. Pretty much my second viewing experience.

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Watched a bit of commentary and he says Craig Mazin is a mate who helped him finalise the opening crawl, ie the guy who’s now well known for Chernobyl

Haven’t watched TLJ with commentary yet, really need to get around to it.

might record my own commentary


Would definitely listen


The new trooper for Episode IX - the red looks great and the name inspires intrigue.


There’s an episode IX thread by the way


Ooh a red stormtrooper. What innovative mind came up with that one.

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A head honcho at hasbro I reckon

The post above yours literally has the episode 9 thread link in it, idiotdickhead :grinning:



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Good one.