Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)




knew it


Hi I’m not going through that sprawling garbage heap of another thread. Was the last Star Wars any good? Weighing up going seeing it.


yeah it’s good.


It was good, but it was 30 mins too long. Worth a watch


obviously only for children


Thank you. I will take these evaluations into due consideration.


(except Ruffers’)


it’s really bad (and mine is an opinion you know you can trust).


As shit as the rest of them


Wouldn’t bother going to the cinema, but 100% worth watching when it’s available to rent/steal.


In fairness there’s a few scenes in particular hyperspace vs star destroyer that probably do warrant the big screen. But yes, it’s not an essential cinema watch.


I think it’s the worst film I’ve seen in the cinema, but most people like it so the odds are in your favour


There’s a few scenes that absolutely make it worth seeing in the cinema rather than at home (I like all the stuff connecting those scenes, some other people also do, some other people don’t)


Just go and see it, you shit :wink:


Unless you check Rotten Tomatoes of course


Interestingly there was an article I read recently claiming people were now ‘gaming’ the audience scores for Rotten Tomatoes. I’ll see if I can find it.

(All a bit ‘oooh, conspiracy’ for me but it did make some good points.)


Oh here we are:

The problem with using any online voting mechanism to gauge opinions on a movie (or anything, really) is such systems are really easy to game. The 56 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and the 4.9 average user score (out of 10) on Metacritic (where critics gave the film an 86 out of 100) are certainly shocking to behold. (There’s also an ineffectual online petition you can sign.) But flip over to IMDb and you’ll see Last Jedi has a 7.9 user score. That would lag behind critics’ scores, but it’s not far off the 8.1 IMDb user score for The Force Awakens .

Similarly, all of the evidence we have from actual audience surveys and box office returns suggests The Last Jedi is performing well with audiences. It received a Cinemascore of “A,” exactly the same as The Force Awakens and Rogue One , and its average rating from moviegoers surveyed by Comscore was five out of five stars, which is actually slightly higher than either of the two most recent Star Wars films. (Deadline has more on both surveys and how they’re conducted here.)

Naturally, whenever there’s such a massive divide between certain online voting metrics and everything else, it’s easy to suspect some sort of brigading of the vote, campaigns from unruly and discontented fans who (for whatever reason) slam the lowest-rating buttonover and over again — or program a bot to do so for them — in hopes of dragging down the overall score. And at least one Facebook message (from someone who seems disgruntled about Disney consigning much of the old Star Wars expanded universe to non-canonical status) hints that just such a campaign has gone on for the Rotten Tomatoes score in particular.

Yet it’s important to understand that even though a lot of the most obvious examples of The Last Jedi backlash are probably — probably — bunk, that doesn’t mean there’s not a Last Jedi backlash precisely where it counts: among Star Wars fandom.

Anyway, it’s a pretty interesting piece.

I’m not sure about using IMDB scores here: we already know the IMDB userbase is made up of completely idiots… :thinking:


I’m pretty sure this is buried in the other thread, can certainly see it being a possibility


i’ve covered this pretty extensively including retrieving the force awakens score after a similar time interval (from the payback machine). The low TLJ score is not just the result of inflated negative reviews, as the total number of reviews was consistent with the number for TFA after the same amount of time, there is also a lack of positive reviews. So unless the gamers of the reviews found a way to suppress the good reviews there is nothing to suggest this is not an authentic response. RT have also confirmed no suspicious activity and they have controls in place to weed out that sort of thing. IMDB has a more respectable score because it is based on averages, so the high score skew it, but if you convert it into the binary RT system (both have 10 point scales) you get about 60% liking it.

In my defence I was off work when I worked all this out