Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



You can also work out that the low score is indeed correct by seeing the film


yeah, I have never seen a film literally drive right over the cliff edge in the opening few seconds


In terms of box office, the drop off between Force Awakens and The Last Jedi is about the same as between the original Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back, which I think is interesting. It’s also similar to the drop between The Avengers and Age of Ultron, i.e. when a film is a massive runaway success (as the original Star Wars and Force Awakens were), you can’t really compare the box office of the sequel because it will inevitably be lower, no matter how well it is received. The Last Jedi has made well over $1 billion already which is decent by anyone’s standards.

I think personally what is dividing fans is that it went in such a different direction from the previous one, and delivered a lot of developments that were not expected. I think this is what has upset some people and I think it’s interesting that I’ve seen responses from several die hard fans who said they enjoyed it much more the second time round than the first time and maybe that element of surprise is what’s bothering some people. Funny really, when - I am sure not the same - people were also complaining that Force Awakens was too similar to the original film.

Personally, I thought it was fine. Some of it was guff, and the attempts at humour were absolutely horrible but that’s not unique to this film as Force Awakens was the same and most modern blockbusters try and fail to throw in those quippy one liners (I can’t stand the Guardians of the Galaxy films for this reason, the entire dialogue seems made up of quips). Ultimately I think I’d rather they try and do something different rather than just rehash Empire, and the weakest parts were definitely where they rehashed Empire. The more unusual parts, like how the Force was explained, how Kylo Ren sees it all and Luke’s arc I think were all interesting and added a lot to the existing films. What they chose to do with Snoke, not so much, although I’m not convinced all is as it seems there. Plus, it’s hard to know where the next film will go which is surely better than knowing exactly where it will go.


(Not sure you can really compare Avengers with Age of Ultron in this context given AoU is pretty universally regarded as one of the weakest MCU films overall.)


Age of Ultron is fine. It’s not great but it’s fine. It’s better than pretty much all of the DC films, so it depends really what you’re comparing it to. It doesn’t make me want to gouge my own eyes out like Suicide Squad did.


And you were comparing it to Avengers and I said

one of the weakest MCU films overall

Which is the point.


Shunted all the Episode VIII chat back in here, sorry @Parsefone


i would say the kylo/rey bits include the best example of why this film is fucking awful - the fucking tonally bizarre ‘can you put a shirt on’ bit


thought that scene was good. nice bit of sexual tension innit.


everyone in the cinema laughed like it was something from a carry on film - in the middle of a tense/serious chat. terrible.


think that was mainly because kylo driver is so unexpectedly stout


It was intentionally comic. Her request he put something on. It’s all part of the feel.


this is back to the old ‘it’s supposed to be shit!’ argument though innit


bout time you waded in WELCOME TO THE THREAD!


this is just a retread of the exact argument i made about… 1500 posts ago. my heart really isn’t in it, i’m just bored at work.


God, forgot about that bit…jeez
I’m going to retire from moaning about this film now though. I enjoyed my trip to the cinema to watch what I found to be a very stupid, poorly written, filmed and acted Disney BlOcKbUStEr!!
Actually, one last thing. I reckon a LOT of those glowing critic reviews, which I can’t understand, are glowing from a lot of magic Disney dust, ifyagetwhatimean!!1


No because I thought it was excellently balanced rather than shit.

I find it odd you felt it stood out as tonally wrong.


erm mate it’s STAR WARS, it’s supposed to not be funny


What about the glowing reviews from non critics? Basically WHERES MY CHEQUE DISNEY


Or bank transfer, I’m not fussy tbh