Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



I thought the film was decent in general and all of them have plot holes so why complain about this one. Thought Luke’s disillusion was entirely believable.

But… after wading through the last 2000 posts, no one has mentioned (or I’ve forgotten in the haze) that apparently Star Destroyers can’t shoot things that are near them, nor things that are far away, and have only two speed settings - superfast or shit-slow.

They seemed quite useful in the earlier films.


Yeah the whole chase really reminded me of grandpa Simpson chasing a turtle who had stolen his false teeth


Saw it a few days ago and have since read most of the above.

Wasn’t a big fan. Story elements aside a lot of the more basic things (script, pacing, length, acting) were really lacking in places.

Can’t help but feel they fucked it by making this new trilogy about Luke/Leia/Han and their offspring. Should have set it 200 years later or earlier and wiped the slate clean.


I think they should have done a straight up reboot, could have forgotten about the prequels and really made more out of the classic empire rebellion conflict era


What? Did you want a remake of the OT?


A reimagining or something, not like the exact events. I totally think they should, not enough was made out of that classic set up


Would the new trilogy helmed by your friend Rian Johnson do this for you? :smile:


I’m sure those will be cancelled in due course. They did interest me, I like the idea of films set thousands of years before, I really liked the tales of the Jedi comics when I was a kid, if they happen I would watch the first one as if it’s bad it doesn’t matter as much


Has the film lost Disney a lot of money overall?


Isnt this exactly what TFA was and criticised for?


No I think it is a huge financial success, but I think that was always guaranteed, I do however think it will have fallen short of Disney’s expectations


It is, still think it would have been better to do an honest reboot rather than a partial one with the awkward first order/new republic/resistance dynamic. Properly start a fresh with no concrete ties to the originals


Disney’s expectations will be for it to make money. They don’t give a fuck about what fans think about what is canon etc. If it has been a financial success then they will be extremely happy.


I heard they built a rotten tomatoes clause into Rian’s contract for the next ones


I agree they should have started with a clean slate.


I think Disney would be annoyed if they were expecting more money, they are probably pretty greedy , plus will be worried about losing the good will of some hardcore fans who are an important market, repeat viewings, merch, other mediums etc


They’ll all be the same though. They’re going to make another 50 of these films, and every one will have to have a Jedi/Sith Rebels/Empire battle, and the good guys will have to be the underdog.


Can I have ‘51% of rotten tomatoes’ users can’t be wrong’ as my tag line please? (not really)


Disney already got your money maaaaaaaan


Would have just preferred if they started a fresh, the fact that the rotj victory was so temporary diminishes it a bit for me, would just prefer a clean underdogs an evil empire premise without the awkward messy overhang of the originals