Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



It didn’t for me, one of the properly weak moments.


so was the film any good?


There is no good or bad anymore only gray


Hey, come on now!


sorry must have seen that and forgotten, full credit for this reference to @drastic_measures


Does everyone know why he is called Slowen Low?

“The name Slowen Lo is a reference to the Beastie Boys song “Slow and Low” from the 1986 album Licensed to Ill. Star Wars producer and director J.J. Abrams is a fan of the Beastie Boys and hip-hop music, and Slowen Lo is at least the fourth Abednedo character in the Star Wars sequel trilogy to be named after a Beastie Boys song, along with Ello Asty, “Crusher” Roodown and Ilco Munica.”



If this so called trilogy happened in a galaxy far, far away a long time ago, how are people naming their children after Beastie Boy references. Eh?



I know a lot of people hated it, but the Sabotage moment in the last Star Trek film was ace, I thought.


It could just be one of those Quantum infinite universe things that happens. Like this, from Hitchhikers Guide:

"Two species which existed in the distant past, a very great distance from the Milky Way galaxy. The G’Gugvuntt were enemies of the Vl’hurgs, and these strange and warlike beings are on the brink of an interstellar war, because of an insult uttered by the G’Gugvuntt leader to the mother of the Vl’hurg leader. Resplendent in their black-jeweled battle shorts, the two opposing leaders were meeting for the last time, and a dreadful silence filled the air as the Vl’hurg leader was challenging the G’Gugvuntt leader to retract the insult. At the precise moment, the phrase “I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle” (muttered by Arthur Dent to himself, which for some strange reason was carried by a freak wormhole in space back in time to the farthest regions of the universe where the G’Gugvuntts and the Vl’hurgs lived) filled the air over the conference table, which in the Vl’hurg tongue was the most dreadful insult imaginable. It left them no choice but to declare war on the G’Gugvuntts, which went on for a few thousand years and decimated their entire galaxy.

After millennia of battle the surviving G’Gugvuntt and Vl’hurg realised what had actually happened, and joined forces to attack the Milky Way -the actual source of the offending remark- in retaliation. They crossed vast reaches of space in a journey lasting thousands of years before reaching their target where they attacked the first planet they encountered, Earth. Due to a terrible miscalculation of scale the entire battle fleet was swallowed by a small dog. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy states that this sort of thing happens all the time."


Ah man. I need to go back and re-read those books.


i expect thats what my dog ate when i was walking her this morning


Apparently there was a scene in TFA where Han puts them back in the Falcon cockpit which inspired Rian Johnson to make them a focus of TLJ, but then yer man JJ Abrams cut it which kind of spoiled it since no one but insane fanbois knew about the dice before.


So the one thread Johnson decided to follow up from TFA was a deleted scene


But we all understood it. You’d have to be deliberately obtuse not to see those scenes and not understand the point being made and fail to assume you’d just never noticed them before if they had been established.


I fucked up my negatives but, much like the dice, you got my meaning :grin:


Of course, I understood it. But they would have felt even more significant and meaningful if they’d been an object of prominence in the original trilogy, reinforced with a reference in TFA, than how it actually worked. It’s like you were meant to see them as a famous heirloom like Anakin’s lightsabre, but they didn’t carry that weight.


And also the entirety of the ‘Luke has exiled himself and turned his back on the Jedi following an incident with a young apprentice’ thing…




“Strike me down and I’ll become more powerful than you could possibly imagine”

This happened in the OT quite a few times. This time Snoke (who is extremely powerful) amplified it to make it work over a bigger distance. Kylo literally said to Rey “You’re not doing this, the effort would kill you”.


Yeah it’s true but I feel like a lot of film making at its best is about letting people make those leaps.

It’s like these days people would be saying Back to the Future is a bit rubbish due to them leaving out the scene that explains the modern hairdryer when he plays ‘Darth Vader’. Maybe we don’t lose anything too significant and the film makes the same point?