Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



The Gibson 345 in bttf is most troubling


Nah I’m pretty sure Johnson didn’t reference anything else from TFA


Also, seeing how Kylo was projected into Rey’s hut probably gave Luke the idea for projecting himself later. And the effort did kill him. Dismissing these as silly x-men powers is pretty narrow minded.




You and me on the same side with this film is like Kylo and Rey back to back fighting off bad guys.




“And our survey says… NA NA!”


because he was just projecting them


Survey respondents must have been pretty ill informed of my personal preference for what they should have done with the franchise


Well, for me, saying they should’ve gone for a straight up reboot is a bit shocking. The OT doesn’t need sweeping under the carpet. Plus there are 30 years between the celebrations in ROTJ and the start of TFA - plenty of time for things to go any number of direction. The newest novels delve into that what/whys/wheres and it’s all perfectly plausible to me as a ‘die-hard’ fan.


I’m a bit late to the party here, but I saw TLJ over Christmas and I enjoyed it, a lot more than I expected to given the mixed reviews I heard from other people who had seen it. I thought some of the humour didn’t work, Lea’s space walk was dodgy, and the hyperspace attack while awesome also undermines all future forms of space warfare… but still, I enjoyed it. My main issue was the length, it felt like it climaxed with Dern blowing up, and while the subsequent 40 minute salt planet battle was great, it also felt like an overextension. I didn’t mind the Kanto Bight stuff, but maybe that could have been cut to compensate.


I have a bad feeling about this


Each to their own. For me a lot of my dissatisfaction, especially around Luke, was there were the three original films with a timeless good vs evil theme, resulting in a triumphant victory, for the universe to reset just like at the end of a sitcom really diminishes the completeness and satisfaction of the original. I guess this was true of TFA but TLJ hammered it home

I think if they had done a complete reboot they would have been free of a lot of baggage (also could have kept the EU in place), and told many new stories within the classic framework. I find what they have done awkward and messy


How rude


Love you really :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


It was a threepio reference in case anyone thought I was bothered


How annoyed are you about that?


Because there are literally no examples in history of a losing force/doctrine whatever never actually being completely destroyed and becoming resurgent again a few decades later…


Thankfully not a Jar Jar one!


It’s not like the parallels to Nazism and neo-Nazism/Alt-right have been played down or are something completely subtle. You’ve completely closed yourself off from what the film is trying to evoke. Rose’s bit about “Love not hate” wasn’t just a throwaway line.