Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



A lot of the counterpoints to my arguments in this thread revolve around ‘real world’ examples justifying things, I may be weird in that I don’t think stories should reflect real world logic, things should serve functions to the story. It is fine in a story like this to wrap it up with ‘they all lived happily ever after’ rather than ‘they lived happily for 20 years or so’ the real world may not be like that but mythic space fairy tales can be




The best films are always about something deeper than what’s happening right in front of you. That’s completely mad to dismiss arguments based on that.


I’m not dismissing any arguments, I am saying what my preference would have been


You know what would have solved all these problems?

In ANOTHER galaxy far far away, coincidentally also a long time ago…


Well, sir, your preference is boring.


That would have made for some crazy dull sequels though. 3 movies of Han and Luke just chilling out having barbecues and reminiscing about that time they blew up the death star. Force ghost Yoda keeps trolling Luke by hiding his beer every time he opens a can. Han burns the sausages and Chewie makes a face.

I mean I’d definitelywatch 1 movies worth of that but probably not a trilogy. Probably.


Hence why I was saying it should have been a reboot, think two different arguments are getting entangled here


should have brought the death star back again tbh


Far, far away but in a different direction…


Could just make a trilogy titled “The Adventures of Chewie and the Pogs”


Oh I’m not really arguing I’m just enjoying myself tbh.

Can you imagine how angry the internet would have been if they announced a Star Wars reboot though? It’s barely stopped shitting itself over the idea of a new Ghostbusters.


I dunno, in the wake of the prequels people might have been open to it


Is pretty much the correct answer. I know for some people it’s not interesting if it’s not either the best film ever or the worst film ever but most films do fit somewhere in the middle, which the new Star Wars ones do. They are generally up the ‘pretty good’ end, especially compared to the prequels which are just painful to get through. IMO it would have been great if Leia and Laura Dern had swapped places, although of course they didn’t know what would happen to Carrie Fisher. Even so, I think it probably would have worked and they could have done with moving her character on even if Fisher was still alive.

I don’t think the hyperspace thing undermines future wars, I think it potentially introduces the concept of suicide bombers to Star Wars, which would be interesting if a bit dark.


‘The Star Wars Bank Holiday Special’


Presumably ships can be set on autopilot though? Or guided by droids (though that’s a whole other ethical issue - are droids “people”?)


Yeah I was thinking that but that would just make it boring - it’s fantasy, just introduce some rule which limits how it works :slight_smile:

Edit: Suicide bombers which are piloted by droids who then turn on their masters because they’re sentient beings - could actually be properly interesting!


I think the limits are that you’d need a fucking big suicide ship to destroy something as large as a star destroyer. If Holdo were in an x-wing she probably wouldn’t have made it through the shields.


This is the justification for Snoke’s death which is something I think you have criticised as a major weakness in the film.

I would also have liked more understanding of his role, ultimately though it doesn’t matter as this trilogy is not about him.


Yeah like whichever has the smaller mass is the one that’s obliterated. No point in discussing it though really as I don’t suppose they’ll come back to it :slight_smile: