Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



Yeah, even if the rebels weren’t so depleted I don’t think that size ship is the the kind you can’t afford to lose. And in doing so you lose one ship, they lose one ship - not the best tactic unless you’re desperate or if theirs is a very valuable ship.

Though in future I’ll be disappointed if anyone says something like, “that’s Kylo’s ship!” without someone following them up with, “fuck it, let’s ram the fuckers then.”


In the Battle of Endor an A-Wing crashes into the bridge of the Executor, which sends it out of control, but doesn’t do any other damage from the impact.


Was it at light speed?


Does that same star destroyer not go crashing into the Death Star as a result of that?


No, but the Executor had no shields at that point either.




All subjective I guess, if it was the 2nd film rather than the 5th (discounting the prequels), I would have found the Snoke stuff fine, but it’s not, he has come out of nowhere, corrupted the child of the heroes, I think the story within the films needs to address that to be satisfying for me, I realise that is a personal preference though


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One thing I liked about The Last Jedi was that it made that odd line from 40 years ago FINALLY make sense!


In hindsight force ghosts are a bad idea, the OT shouldn’t have had them


Rose is pretty lucky she didn’t kill Finn, isn’t she?

Her name would have been mud all over town.


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Yeah being able to appear as a blue ghost I don’t think counts as ‘more powerful than you can possibly imagine’.

It’s almost like the original films aren’t perfect and some parts of them are a bit silly :wink:


i always thought that, like dead old ben wasnt more powerful than alive old ben? not like dead yoda blasting that tree for a laugh, but then is that more or less powerful than alive yoda doing his fucking spinning bird kicks in the prequels? dunno.


Becoming pretty much omnipresent probably counts as powerful


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I dunno, there’s no indication that they can actually do anything, so that’s not really power. Maybe I’ve been looking at it wrong all these years, because the way I saw it they only appeared to specific people (e.g. Obi-Wan to Luke), I never got the impression he was zipping around the universe keeping tabs on everything, it’s not like he was giving Luke useful information that he could only have got after his death. I really liked the way they explored The Force in Last Jedi and this was the first time I looked at it differently.


Yeah I agree with this. They could have taken the ttf route and gone “Let’s not explore the force any further and just have things as they’ve always been” and I’m so glad they didn’t.