Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



I tend to believe Lucas on this one, that since he’d used the Wookiee in the first film, when he came to use the intended finalé he just decided to chop the Wookiees in half and use small bear type creatures with a reverse name of Ewok. Mainly I think this because he just decided to reuse the Death Star and loads of other bits and it’s patently obvious that the writing of Return of the Jedi suffered massively from Lucas really losing creative energy.

The fact that they end up cute is also, I think, a weird side effect. I think they are genuinely meant to be quite scary and nasty seeming but the nature of the film doesn’t really allow for it. I mean Lucas had David Lynch in mind to direct the film at one point and tonally it’s a pure mess in any case.


i’ve never had a problem with ewoks, I liked them as a kid, I remember everyone liking them as a kid, so am skeptical when people don’t like them, I think people love ewoks really they are just trying to look cool. I obviously didn’t like jar jar at the time, but with hindsight, those prequels characters were so bad jar jar is at least trying to be something


Yeah plus they’re pretty nasty to begin with. Facing them all with spears, trying to cook and eat them. They’re not particularly friendly. Aren’t their head dresses made of skulls?


Thinking on it some more @ltlht I wonder if John Williams is really to blame here, although probably he would have received his nod from Lucas in any case: The theme for the Ewoks is very light and happy, it’s a fun theme. If he written a scary/dark sort of piece for them then we’d view their scenes completely differently. You can’t fear them when the music is telling you “FUN FUN”.

In terms of the weird tone to Return of the Jedi, the one constant is the music, which is perfectly in place with the first two films. I don’t know that Williams could have given them a much darker theme.


Yub Nub is a fine piece of music


It’s weird how people tend to revisit their opinions when they’re much older and try and pretend they always had them, to make them look smarter. I see it particularly on YouTube, the same films get talked about over and over until eventually everyone ends up with the same opinion. Like when Rogue One came out, so many people were just being complete smart arses and saying “huh, I always thought it was such a plot hole that the death star was so easy to destroy, always found that a huge problem” - no you fucking didn’t mate, no-one thought that and besides the reason for it was explained in the first fucking film. Whether you buy it or not, it WAS explained so it’s not a plot hole. I never ever heard it mentioned by anyone until talk of Rogue One started a couple of years ago.

And if I hear some twat saying “well you know, The Incredibles is the best Fantastic Four film” then I will punch the fucking television because everyone is just repeating the same opinions now.


This one starts off alright, quite mysterious, but then evokes mischievous woodland creatures


Not old enough to know so here’s more memes


Yeah like a lot of people claim they never liked Luke Skywalker, can’t imagine why they liked the films


This has properly made me chuckle :joy:


I didn’t until The Last Jedi :kissing_heart:


Think they replaced it in the special editions so it might be before your time


No I know the song you mean, that’s why it made me chuckle


Lyrics by John Williams’s son, who has been a member of Toto (or maybe still is), I believe.

Didn’t they fuck it up and replace it with something else on the SEs?


Oh look, the problems of posting before reading below. :smiley:


This is probably my favourite piece of music from Return of the Jedi


Reminds me of one of the things I didn’t like about The Last Jedi, killing off Admiral Ackbar in such an offhand way.


Honestly fine with it. I felt it added a whole edge to the scene and it’s not like he was wildly prominent since Jedi.


No but he should have been because he’s cool :slight_smile:


Everyone should have been devastated and been heard saying ‘not ackbar’ for the rest of the film