Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



“By the way, Ackbar’s dead”



Dude was old and past it.

And they had other people to provide obvious exposition in this film.

“It’s a trap!”

“Oh, you think?!”

“At that distance we won’t last long against those Star Destroyers!”

“Oh, you think?!”




I can’t believe you don’t like this film, TBH. I thought you’d be well up for something a bit different. (Unless it’s just you hate Star Wars.)


It was dreadful mate, really stupid and dull. I’m not a Star Wars penoid but I like 4 and 5 pretty well.


come on that was a cracking burn



I dunno it just felt a bit hollow: if three absolutely awful prequels by Lucas couldn’t kill off Star Wars then I think nothing can.




If I’d meant that I would have said it.


Love when it goes to Star Wars how you guys are sometimes able to take a joke :wink:


“It’s like poetry. It’s like it rhymes.”


Sometimes you have to give the people what they want


I just never liked him enough to care massively which direction they took his character in, or to feel let down by his actions. He’s a decent character, but Star Wars was always about the world and overall story - Luke didn’t play a huge role in my enjoyment of the films.


Watched Rogue One again last night and, when she is looking through the files for the Death Star plans, Jyn mutters “Hyperspace tracking.” as one of the current Empire experiments.

Gotta expect a lot more of this kind of cross-pollination, although I can see people getting annoyed at something happening in the main films that seems odd because they haven’t watched (for example) series 3 episode 14 of Rebels.

The gold dice - apparently Abrams shot a scene where Han put them back in the Falcon cockpit hence why Johnson made them appear so prominently in TLJ (but said scene got cut). That’s why I think the dice will show up in Solo at some point.


Reckon Johnson didn’t even watch TFA



Just watched it again and loved it again. Some bits work so well on repeat viewing, like the luke-leia scene. Appreciated benecio del torro a lot more too.


C’mon guys surely it’s clear by now that @ttf is a committed guy but the prequels weren’t dog shit? Luke Skywalker is the best character? Jar jar doesn’t make you want to boil your heid? The last jedi is a 0/10? These are pretty extreme viewpoints.

Good luck to him but c’mon.

  1. prequels aren’t great but think they had some redeeming aspects, thought the rise of the empire from the republic was done pretty well. The worlds, while cluttered were well thought out. Revenge of the sith is actually alright, has the serial like momentum of the original

  2. I’ve never said Luke Skywalker was the best character, just that as the original trilogy’s story is mainly his story that his character is pretty important, and I’m skeptical of people who think they are too cool for Luke Skywalker

  3. Jar Jar has grown on me, I have a lot of nostalgia about the anticipation for the phantom menace, he seems to be the beneficiary. The turning point was seeing that video I posted up thread of someone smashing a toy jar jar with a hammer, the fear in the toy jar jar made me feel bad for this hated underdog. Also think the characters in tpm are so non descript he is at least descript. Also have a lot of time for the jar jar secret sith interpretation.

  4. why would I give a film I received negative enjoyment from a positive number out of ten. Just because other people don’t know how to rate things out of ten doesn’t mean I should follow.