Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)


  1. prequels aren’t great but think they had some redeeming aspects, thought the rise of the empire from the republic was done pretty well. The worlds, while cluttered were well thought out. Revenge of the sith is actually alright, has the serial like momentum of the original

  2. I’ve never said Luke Skywalker was the best character, just that as the original trilogy’s story is mainly his story that his character is pretty important, and I’m skeptical of people who think they are too cool for Luke Skywalker

  3. Jar Jar has grown on me, I have a lot of nostalgia about the anticipation for the phantom menace, he seems to be the beneficiary. The turning point was seeing that video I posted up thread of someone smashing a toy jar jar with a hammer, the fear in the toy jar jar made me feel bad for this hated underdog. Also think the characters in tpm are so non descript he is at least descript. Also have a lot of time for the jar jar secret sith interpretation.

  4. why would I give a film I received negative enjoyment from a positive number out of ten. Just because other people don’t know how to rate things out of ten doesn’t mean I should follow.


just seen it. i’m not massively familiar with star wars but i enjoyed the force awakens and i liked this one. i thought the first hour was a sustained false start. once it got going i had fun. didn’t get the bit with leia floating back into the spaceship. is that cos she’s got some force powers herself due to who her dad is? also luke and leia’s little chat :cry:

i really liked the rey and kylo storyline. brief moment of excitement when they took out those guards followed by omg when it turned out he’s still a dick but he wants to be an independent dick. loved luke being a cynical old bastard don’t buy that nobody, including kylo ren, found it remotely strange that they poured fire on that spot and didn’t hurt him.

kind of a bit :roll_eyes: at how poe is blatantly han solo. and also how that is blatantly not going to be what really happened to ray’s parents they’re space royalty of some kind surely. also thought the whole trip to casino planet was a waste of time as others have said.

major cons: there were too many climaxes (oof). it went on too long and imo the last 45 minutes should have been cut out and made the opening act of the next one.

i thought it was a solid point well made, 7.5/10 from me.


also yoda chomsky returning as a force ghost to offer one final lesson for luke brought a tear to this old cynic’s eye.


Yeah that was unexpected and well-timed, I thought. If that didn’t get you then R2 showing the original hologram of Leia should have done.


The crude racial stereotypes of the prequels and Jar Jar Binks in particular don’t bother you at all?


I think Lucas took inspiration from many cultures of the world, some may find it racist and that is fine, I tend to only think things racist that are intentionally so



To paraphrase Han Solo, that’s not how racism works!


thanks for telling me that is not how racism works it is not like I have never experienced it or anything


plus Jar Jar may be a clown but the gungans are a noble people who demanded respect from the humans of naboo, so don’t really get that interpretation, and in the absence of a clear intention I will give the benefit of the doubt, Lucas wanted to come up with an alien dialects ended up a bit too close to home rather than setting out to mock various peoples of the world, there are plenty of things and people that set out to be deliberately offensive, i’ve always thought the focus should be on those rather than interpretations


Jar Jar Binks is basically a minstrel, he might as well have blackface so it doesn’t really matter what George Lucas’s intentions were.


i’m with the actor

"It just further underscores the ignorance and the blind unrealness of dealing with racism in this country. The lack of education and the lack of exposure to what actually is racist to non-black folks is abysmal. For anyone to say that is offensive because it shows the ignorance of not knowing what a Rastafarian is and not having proper education and knowledge of what minstrelsy was in the time of vaudeville, Butterfly McQueen, and Stepen Fetchit. They really don’t know what those roles were and why those roles were.

I think that ignorance and that lack of education that’s pervasive in this country not only allows criticism like that to be actually voiced without any type of proof."


I think the main offenders are Watto and the clearly Japanese guys who are doing the war mongering with their robots. Even then I think Lucas is actually pretty woke (check his current wife and philanthropic behaviour) so I tend not to attach anything more than sloppiness to this.


For me I am uncomfortable with calling something racist if it is down to an interpretation rather than known intention (within reason, if something is obviously playing on racist stereotypes then that is different, TPM doesn’t cross that line for me, fine if it does for others), I guess I would rather not live in a world where I see racism everywhere

As for Watto, people have found him offensive for being italian, jewish, arabic and greek, just goes to show how open to interpretation it is. As for the Neimoidians, they do sound similar to Japanese, I think that could be more accident than design, I don’t see other similarities, I don’t see any ww2 parallels in their depiction, if it is because of their technology I would put that in the interpretive stretch kind of area, it’s Star Wars there are lots of robots.

People can see racism if they want but not everyone has to agree


But there is structural racism which I would say isn’t an intention or an interpretation. It should be noted so we know to be wary of it in future and to mark it out.


good, this:


so just remember guys and girls, it could be much worse


The whole thread is worth it. This is like the end of the Usual Suspects when you start walking normally on the pavement, isn’t it.


shitting hell, gonna have to pretend that i like this film aren’t i


Well, if I may, that’s part of the mystery; we’ve never seen Luke be a bass-ass Jedi, and the rest believe he is the bass-ass Jedi, so you’re like “he can’t be dead, oh shiiiiiiit he’s the fucking boss!” and then it’s a fake out and actually the power he had was even stronger than what you thought originally… man, perfect.