Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



I wonder which is better; The Last Jedi or the Thrawn novels :thinking:


Thawn novels by quite a margin


Look at these lovely BTS gifs:


don’t do it to yourself, man


How can Any Star Wars fan not know Thrawn FFS. Every one of us read those novels


Like I couldn’t love The Dern any more


I want to know what @ttf makes of this scene:


that was pretty terrible. a good director knows instinctively what works and what doesn’t. so kudos to Rian!



Would have worked better if the guy playing Valerian had more charisma than my arm pit tbh.


The weeping replies to that :joy:


Seen that thing about JJ Abrams saying Reys parents were supposed to be known. Fair enough if people still prefer the turn Johnson took, but hopefully this ends the ‘there was nothing in the force awakens to suggest it’ argument. Maybe JJ will reverse it in the third one and the moral of the story would be don’t trust people called Ben talking about your parents


just because it was in jj’s head does not mean it was explicit in the film


Yeah I guess he could have had it in his head but decided to not put any hints of it in his film for some reason, like he though ‘I want this to be less satisfying in the context of the complete trilogy’


We didn’t let you back in for this.


Exactly. If he was so bothered about it he would have had ghost Yoda turn up and say “significant your parents were” or something.


Tbf Yoda only exists in Luke’s crazed head


There were hints though, why would reys flashback to her abandonment be mixed with the burning of the Jedi temple, kylo/snokes discussion of ‘the girl’ always seemed very knowing, all her interaction with maz suggested she was a known person


I mean sure those things may not have been foreshadowing but now we know what JJ had in mind the simplest explanation is that they were


this is not an argument anyone can win.

I like the last film and the choices that it made, I am sorry that you did not. neither of us “own” it so neither of us is right.

good day.