Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



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I’ve never really said that everyone should agree with me, I brought up the JJ revelation because in lots of the debates (maybe not on here can’t remember) there was this idea that Rey having a backstory was all in the heads of fanboys and that tfa never suggested it, regardless of thinking tlj was good or not I think this does show that was not the case


Interestingly, like all things, this is a little mixed up as Simon Peggs says one thing, but apparently Daisy Ridley says another, who really knows.

Doesn’t really matter eighter way. I liked the route TLJ took, but if Ep IX does a compelling and reasonable turn around, it’d be fine by me too.


Literally nothing in TLJ is explicit about Rey’s parents. I have no idea why it could wind anyone up really since even if they were significant it would be crazy to reveal before Episode IX


Eh? Kylo says something like “your parents were nothing, garbage junkers who sold you off for a price”.


Yeah he does. Are we suddenly assuming Kylo is completely trustworthy?


Or that even if he’s telling the truth that he knows that it’s necessarily the absolute truth?


But Rey’s reaction is like “yeah, you’re right, I always knew”


In a very odd situation where they’ve both been dicked around by Snoke mentally.

I have no problem with TLJ’s reveal being the truth but it’s folly to accept it as an absolute statement of fact IMO


Yeah it could be like kylo see’s that is what she fears is the truth about her parents and uses it to manipulate her, if he was telling the truth it seems in the Star Wars universe only the baddies are honest


Maz clearly had no idea who she was. If she did then she would’ve mentioned something when she tried to give her the lightsabre or at least explain why Rey had a vision.

Snoke and Kylo clearly also had no idea who she was otherwise they would’ve been like “Random girl from Jakku is strong with the force? Ohhh she must be so-and-so’s daughter.”

Not saying JJ didn’t have something planned. But if he did then it would’ve been a surprise to all the characters not just the audience.




I mean as a sort of ‘meta-narrative’ this ignores the fact that JJ Abrams’s style is always “Questioning what’s in the box?” is more important than what is actually in the box. As such, he thrives off providing loads of plot threads that tease mysteries and so NATURALLY Maz wouldn’t say anything.even though she might know who Rey is and there would be a handwavy explanation or something really prosaic in Sci-Fi, i.e. the whole notion that you can’t tell the hero about the important thing about them too early thanks to prophecy/fear they’ll be in danger/whatever.

I guess my point here is that nothing you’ve said invalidates JJ Abrams having a big plan for Rey because that’s the sort of smoke & mirrors plotter he is and often means he leaves you feeling a bit ‘oh’ when the big end finally arrives.

Again, I don’t think there’s anything in TLJ that can’t be explained away should JJ want to give Rey some really important parentage. I don’t really think he should although it would be good to know if there is any explanation for her visions of the lightsabre?

(I mean the obvious answer to that is that JJ just did a Lost and and kind put shit in TFA without having a plan at all. If he HAD had a plan then he’d have told Johnson so that his film tied into that overall arc. As it stands the fact that Johnson apparently had a blank canvas strongly implies JJ had fuck all idea what anything he put in TFA really meant.)




I think the creators all know what’s going to happen - I’m now of a mind, because of all this TLJ fallout, that there is a singular ending that has always been known by Kathleen Kennedy (and maybe Abrams once he was bought onboard for VII) and a point like Rey’s parents will be resolved in XI.

TLJ has wound so many people up but what is stated in the film can easily be retracted/redacted in XI - Kylo could just be bluffing, or was just desperately trying to win Rey over…

I think the First Order may triumph in the next one, so that Disney can pump out 10-12 at some point in their already over-bloated SW scheduling, but both Rey and Kylo will perish so there’s a neat cut-off.


If I have to wait for Episode 11 for @ttf to let this go then I may just give up now. :wink:


I’ve been thinking I wouldn’t mind tlj so much if there were more to come, as it is the next film has to set up a lot and then resolve it (in the weird shrunken down universe of tlj I see little potential), if there were two more films they could build it back up. Tlj feels very much like a second half of the first episode, I guess this is JJs fault for leaving it in a way that they couldn’t do the usual time jump


“Millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror… as Disney announced the next stand-alone SW movie will be about Admiral Holdo.”


TBH I would reckon a film about whatever cool shit Holdo did to get to that level would be way better than Solo.


So you’re curious about the Battle of Chyron Belt eh? Poe certainly displayed some hushed awe when mentioning it - got potential.