Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



I get you - TLJ does feel like a ‘snapshot’ because of the chase plot but, if the First Order do go on to triumph in XI, then it’ll fit nicely. I don’t think the universe has been shrunk however, we just focussed on one small part of it.

Perhaps they’ll do a time jump for XI and, as well as potentially explaining away Leia somehow, the crawl will mention how The Resistance has somehow finally rallied some support?


although I liked TLJ I do agree with this, it didn’t feel really like the proper middle part of an arc. But then that just makes me curious how they’ll wrap it up.


There are going to be a thousand more films. This won’t ever end. It’s like getting angry about the plot of an episode of Neighbours now.


In matrix movie, they tell theo he’s not the one!!


Yeah but I would be very surprised if the next film is not an end of a trilogy that they attempt to wrap up in some way, no doubt they will do more sequels though


Darth Ben clearly lied because he knew that Billy Corgan was Rey’s father


And then we’ll all be arguing about why the film didn’t show this in tedious detail, because Star Warring is too srs business to just take things for granted :slight_smile:


I only preordered this to annoy @ttf


This is a sad day for me, should be enjoying a Star Wars film on blu ray but it is such a turkey I just can’t do it


got mine coming today as well, looking forward to watching it for the third time later! :smiley:


I hope you all enjoy your bluray/DVD/digital purchase


Kids are off school so it’ll probably get ripped open and half-watched this afternoon. Then at the weekend I’ll say “shall we make some popcorn and watch star wars guys?” and they’ll be “nah busy playing fortnite m9”


Got into a Reddit “discussion” with someone that claimed Luke was one of the most iconic characters in cinema history. I disagree pretty strongly with that, said I thought he was quite a way down that list, given there were multiple Star Wars characters that would be ahead of him.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this? One of TLJ criticisms that most surprised me the most was about the mistreatment of Luke’s character, since I hadn’t thought people cared that deeply about him or his motivations etc. To me it felt like a badly written Han or Leia should have caused more outrage. So I wonder if there’s a split between people that loved Luke and ones that weren’t so attached, that is reflected in their thoughts on TLJ as a whole.



Han and Leia are 100x more charismatic, which is a big part of being an “iconic” character I think, but Luke’s character and decisions are more important to the films. Idk.


Luke’s character is unusual in this sense the audience observes his lifetime from hot-headed, idealist youngster to reverential, cautious older man.

That makes him uncommon but not iconic.

All the lines you remember from the films are mostly said by other characters, which have a greater screen presence and the rest of it




Vader & Yoda are surely the most iconic characters in Star Wars?


Agree to that I do.


luke skywalker is not an iconic character

  • i agree!
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