Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



Well, I managed to maintain a self-imposed blackout on this until the home release (having somehow managed to miss it in the cinema). Sat down on Monday night EXTREMELY excited. The only feedback I’d seen was from my mates, who loved it.

I was so disappointed. Like @TTF I just had a series of strong, visceral reactions throughout, from the misplaced humour to the treatment of Luke, to the sub-Prequel fauna (apart from the Porgs, which I quite liked), the appalling casino planet from an entirely different series of films (although I liked the idea that there’s a whole class of banal evil-enablers in the background that we never see), and the ridiculous hand-waving (Finn and Rose are the only survivors of the awesome kamikaze crash? How convenient).

Since then I’ve thought a lot about the film, done a lot of reading around it - including the whole of this thread - and listened to some decent podcasts. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just read it wrong (Luke’s arc in particular, which I now think was inevitable and well traced, if not necessarily well delivered), and now I’m as excited about re-watching as I was about watching it in the first place. Very odd…


No one gave a shit about Luke before TLJ, wish people would stop pretending they did


Aye. Being the main protagonist of a major series doesn’t make you the most iconic figure in it.


can’t even tell how many layers of irony we’re operating on anymore


even stupid one off minor characters in star wars are iconic



I never said not iconic. Just quite a way behind other, more iconic characters with the same universe.


Tried to watch this today, gave up after the fifth mention of fuel


I watched it again last night. I love that, even after four viewings, I’m still picking up little touches that I hadn’t noticed before. Like when Leia floats back into the bridge she passes through the holographic projection of Snoke’s Mega Destroyer, foreshadowing the Holdo manoeuvre or that her little joke about changing her hair is a blatant pointer to Luke being a projection. And Artoo showing the Leia hologram again is another clue - Luke’s story started with a projection of Leia asking for help and it ends with him sending a projection to help her.


I can’t believe @ericV is going for it in the Star Wars thread

  • End of days, m9
  • He’s just a Force ghost projected in here, don’t worry

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didnt notice any of those things but theyre so obvious now youve mentioned them. great film


really enjoyed a Blu Ray re-watch over the weekend. Definitely a decent Star Wars film and the fight scene in Snoke’s room will hold up as one of the best moments in Star Wars (for me).


Got through to the end, didn’t find the humour as grating this time, or the film as boring in general (even the casino planet stuff). Revise my rating to 1/10.

Did I miss something, how did the code breaker know the escape plan?


do you mean how did he know to collect them? because he ran into bb-8!


how he knew the rebels escape plan to the hidden base, the info he sold them out on


He overheard it when Finn and Rose were on the radio with Poe. It even shows him doing the old shifty eyes when he hears it.





Just surprised to find you in here arguing against the nutty side of things. Didn’t think you cared about Star Wars enough to bother x


people are literally suggesting that nobody really cares about luke. i’m not a star wars penoid but come on


In. This. Thread. Though.