Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



alright, i’m leaving the thread. HAPPY NOW?!




People are all about Jake Skywalker nowadays


Took me four goes to notice them tbf!


Oh really? Well, on that bombshell, I’m off to Tosche Station to pick up some power convertors.



Can’t believe people are still pretending this isn’t an appalling film. Come on guys, it’s ok to admit you were wrong.


I hear what you are saying, and whilst I respect your opinion, I must refute. You are gravely mistaken on this point, and it is in fact you who is wrong.


after persevering with my second viewing I found myself warming to it substantially, might just be all the associations and fond memories I have of this thread though


What aspects improved the most for you this time round?


I didn’t find the humour as grating, didn’t find luke to be quite as unlikable, and in general it didn’t feel like a slog that it did in the cinema, had a bit of momentum to it (probably watching a midnight screening wasn’t optimal). I still don’t like the direction most of the decisions they made, but I guess that can only disappoint first time and it is enjoyable enough on its own terms.

Lot of people have said there should be a time jump for episode 9, I don’t think so any more, they’ve already broken with that tradition, think the next one should carry on directly, so this three form one discreet short time scale story, perhaps setting up things for a time jump and a fourth trilogy


I’ve found the fact that you’ve enjoyed it more this time around oddly heart-warming. :grinning:

This thread really has been a fun ride full of thrills, spills and unexpected twists.


So you’re updating your original rating to? The people demand to know.




Seems fair.


I have never been happier to see someone rate a film 6/10.


This thread has been better than any book I’ve read this year.


It’s better than The Last Jedi (which is good, in case there was any debate about that).


No chance of that happening.

@ttf I am so happy you’ve actually had an enjoyable experience about it. I was genuinely upset when reading your posts, and my reactions a few months ago were my own disappointment at your disappointment!

What kamikaze crash? The one at the end? They were the only two that didn’t fall back. Unless I am missing something.


Et tu, Brute?