Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



Incredible twist, this. Just when you think a thread has nothing left to give it delivers a killer punchline. Amazing.


vindication for the number of people who said you should probably give it another go - glad you enjoyed it more the second time around. Definitely agree that a midnight showing isn’t going to be optimal, especially when you’re such a big fan


I don’t think I would have liked it the second time if I had done it straight away, needed to let the anger at their bad decisions dissipate first


Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering


Think he might mean Holdo’s kamikaze crash? In which case they weren’t the only survivors as Kylo Ren and Hux also got off the ship.


Yes, that’s what I meant - sorry, wasn’t very clear! Okay, so the only survivors were the four main characters. Pretty sure my point still stands…

Very pleased with the latest turn of events in this thread.


Eh? I think we have no idea who survived. It’s fair to say loads did but that included our five main characters


what a twist!

feel a bit let down that @ttf is not still out there getting angry about TLJ

But overall I’m pleased that balance has been restored to the galaxy


Thanks @ttf, you’re a bigger man than many, I reckon.


Fair play @ttf - as I’ve mentioned, it took me a second viewing to really get behind TLJ. One of my closest pals reacted like you and I tell him to just give it one more try… your reaction gives me hope.


3rd viewing please


Pls vote for the more awe-inspiring side switch

  • Darth chucking Emperor down that big hole
  • ttf awarding The Last Jedi a 6/10

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I’m sure you’ve already seen this, and it’s probably been posted in any one of a number of other threads but white entitled males strike back.


I like Kelly Marie Tran. I fucking hate these entitled fanboy dickheads more than ever. :frowning_face: Also, I like this thread:


so fucking angry about this. her instagram was an absolute JOY, so full of positivity and it was obvious how much it meant to her to be part of SW. fucking weird manbabies.


I saw a lovely post from just after TLJ came out where she was overcome because some kids at the next restaurant table were talking about how much they loved rose (actually it’s probably somewhere in this thread)

Can’t we just bin off these pricks


not that exact one but


imagine want to harass that and think you’d done something positive with your life


Watching the Han Solo film reminded me of the weird cameo by the actors from the Raid in the Force Awakens as a bunch of smugglers. Was really hoping they’d return in the Last Jedi for an epic fight scene


Get yer chequebooks out lads!