Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



off topic but this lead me to this, not sure how I feel about this


Somewhere between ruining your childhood and amazing?


those are the only responses I have, all or nothing


actually thats not right, all or all in the opposite direction



Even if they secure the $200m, I then look forward to Disney allowing them the IP AND the entire main cast returning to be involved :smiley:


Bought that porg cardigan




Heard the Porgs got into lukes head and got him to act in a way that ruined his story arc


So this is now “up” to $250m. I say “up”, because if you look at their website

The producers behind this have pledged to cover the budget, but you can pledge an amount to have your voice heard. You DO NOT have to put financial or personal information in, just an email address and a pledge.

So, in conclusion, it’s DEFINITELY not a scam to harvest loads of email addresses for nefarious purposes, honest.


watched this again the other night. think it gets better every time, love it so much. so so SO much better than the force awakens




talking to gf about the proposed remake the other night and actually went on about how great it is for about an hour, so i wont preach if its all the same with you, tre


it is hard to enjoy tfa now tlj discarded most of its groundwork


most of its groundwork was made by a new hope, was my issue with it. also, i disagree with you but dont want to talk about it


Just to make us feel a little better about all those horrendous toxic Star Wars fans, let’s remember when they cast Daniel Craig as James Bond and all the fans had some kind of crazy meltdown because

Daniel Craig is not the devil, merely a talented actor who we feel was miscast as James Bond. For some of us, the issue is the fact that he looks so unlike any of the previous actors to play the role or any general conception of James Bond. Others feel that he appears too uncouth compared to the suave Bond we know and love. This was a widespread view when his name was first linked to the part, even from those who mysteriously fell into line when he was cast in November 2005.

That’s from

Yeah, the utter wangs bought Daniel Craig Is Not Bond dot com.

They’ve even kept the archived old site from when they still seemed to think the producers would summarily sack him because Casino Royale was the worst Bond film ever or something

And they still have this stuff under some amazingly defensive ‘satire’ branding



Man, they must have poached some writers from The onion.


Star Wars fans being on par with the kind of dipshits who worship imperialist, racist, mysogenist James Bond isn’t that comforting tbh.


I sometimes wonder which side those Star Wars fans are rooting for when they watch Star Wars. Like the other week Mark Hamill posted something on instagram about the American migrant child separation policy and so many comments were along the lines of ‘rules are rules, shouldn’t break the law’ etc


Think there was a strong reaction against heath ledger as the joker too