Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



Just to let everyone know that I’ve done a reverse ttf on this, where I thought it was pretty good on first viewing but now think it’s largely unmitigated dross. Thanks for your time.


I was thinking the other day of a reason I don’t like tlj, Johnson’s ‘I’m not interested in snoke so killed him’ choice, fair enough ignore that intrigue around snoke was of big interest to many if he thinks it makes a better story, but the thing is there have been 3 Star Wars films where the bad guy gets killed off in one film. I guess it is a bit different as snoke was the main one not the apprentice, but still it seems like the prequels frustrating tendency to not dispose of the villains too quickly rather than build on them


i always found that pretty :upside_down_face: considering ian fleming changed bond in the novels to be scottish after sean connery played him


I wonder if Dan Brown retro edited his Davinci Code books to make the main guy be described as “just like Tom Hanks” rather than Harrison Ford :joy:


The idea of anything being ‘cannon’ in James Bond is ridiculous anyway. I think the makers just like having a laugh with it. Love how they just casually throw in references to Sean Connery-era Bond in the Craig and Brosnan films as if it’s the same character. Doesn’t even make any sense


Fucking hell


Can’t believe such a powerful statement has been out in the wild for over three weeks now and Kathleen Kennedy hasn’t yet been fired (out of a photon torpedo tube, into one of the many blackholes that make up the Maw)




Does this mean that ethics in gaming journalism is no longer an issue?


Get the fuck out with these random caps.


Priorities man. It’s all about making sure there are more heroic testicles in our favourite space stories for now.



Honestly think these people make me appreciate TLJ EVEN more.

I liked it. But these people are making me love it. Any film disruptive enough to upset this lot MUST be good.


“I am such a nerd, I like the highest grossing film series in history.”


For sci-fi, fantasy & superheroes; it’s always about good vs evil and good wins. If someone is not a SJW after years of being a “fan”, then there’s something seriously wrong with that person.



god forbid Star Wars should have a sociopolitical narrative :smiley:


Daniel Craig is a bad Bond though, would much rather have Brosnan back.


Look I linked to your website, what more do you want?


My gf tells me to shut up if I go on about Star Wars for longer than two minutes (she liked the original trilogy, just for the record, but says the world didn’t need any of the rest of it).


mine used to work at sci fi conventions so shes pretty used to it :smiley: