Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



A girl? At a sci fi convention? SJW BULLSHIT.


I enjoyed this a lot


glad he used the word curmudgeon in reference to luke, I would have gone with ‘milk guzzling curmudgeon’



Now it’s definitely coming home


Hope they absolutely dismantle and rewrite his character from the originals and have him kill Chewie or something


Look what’s back… two more series and will appease a lot of currently irked fans methinks.


been meaning to get around to watching these for ages


It is actually pretty decent - some good storylines and characters across the current six series, so I’m intrigued how Lucasfilm will extend it. At least this time they’ll be able to wrap it up properly too.



Those legs are bound to break off :frowning:


i thought you disliked the porgs


i’ve always been pro-porg even when I hated the last jedi, own a porg cardigan


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I thought those designs were meant to unbalance turntables


The true cognoscenti know that we need Mara Jade back

I’m also STILL waiting for Kyle Katarn to come back


tbh I’m not that happy about having Thrawn back, let alone anyone else. The Phantom Menace was nothing on the crushing disappointment of picking up the first of those novels when it was published and realising about twenty pages in that it was utter, utter, drivel.


The heat of this take got me like


it’s over @Konichiwa_Bitches, I have the high ground!


Watching the phantom menace on itv2, totally holds up