Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



TBH I am always drawn to the woman behind him. What is that she’s wearing and why does she look so disgusted?


If Corgan gets wind of this it will be a 5000 word Instagram post for sure ‘I guess the jokes on me and not the lovely and talented porg’


Fitting end to this thread


Guessing she’s just heard about the infowars bullshit.


Could be she was first in queue and billy and his brother pushed in




Just finished watching this one. For some reason I watched it in three chunks. I liked it. Benicio Del Toro was good I hope he comes back. I liked everything else too. I can’t remember how much I liked the force awakens and rogue 1. probably better than both.



I liked the little kid sweeping up at the end. felt really lovely like an amblin style moment.
poe meeting bb8 and giving him scritches was nice too.
will the next film feature the slave kid?


In any sane universe it wouldn’t feature him although if Lucasfilm get their head out of their arse and seriously look at doing proper ‘A Star Wars Story’ films that are new adventures in the universe, he’s surely straight in as a character?


I’d guess that’s where Rian Johnson’s post Ep IX trilogy is going…I’d probably be wrong though.


She’s a “cast member” (Disney Parks employees), they have to wear all sorts of far out shit, it’s all part of the whimsy. I presume he and his mate Bruce Springsteen were escorted round the park due to them being a big deal… also they threatened to blow the lid right off the whole chemtrails business if they didn’t get VIP treatment.


I’ll save this for my wfh day this week


Don’t drag Bruce into this shitshow :frowning:


Is this still the Star Wars thread?

Last Jedi is on Now TV / Sky Movies as of today.


Shhhhhhh you’ll wake him!


Was at a loose end yesterday and climbed down this thread. Got some great belly laughs out of it, wonderful character progression, good stuff.

The film itself is a mess, overlong and has some bafflingly bad moments in it. It’s the most interesting Star Wars film since ESB. They won’t make anything like it again.


Finally rewatched it. Enjoyed the good bits. The daft bits are still a bit daft. There are not as many outright bad bits as I thought first time around. Still think the Luke storyline makes total sense and is pretty good. The keeping Poe in the dark to teach him a lesson is something that I can buy and I can see an easy out about Rey’s parents if the next film wants to take it.

Does seem a bit bizarre now how many fanboys wet their pants about it not being exactly the way they wanted it to be - but hey ho.

Enjoyable hokum all round.


Saw some one with an ‘I don’t like sand’ t-shirt this morning


was it @Antpocalypsenow?


I think not