Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)




managed 30 seconds. wtf is this shit


red letter media, I don’t like their delivery but their criticisms of the star wars prequels are pretty much the consensus nowadays, they’ve only just done the last jedi so thought id post it


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Still not seen it.

(Not a reply to cutthelights, just couldn’t Cba arsed to scroll to the bottom on mobile)

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Their criticisms of the prequels are the consensus because nerds are an unimaginative mob with a 13 year-old’s sense of humour. I mean the prequels are clearly bad, but Red Letter Media are essentially the bitter adult versions of Cartman from South Park.


dunno though, think their criticisms are consensus even outside the ‘nerd’ demographic that would find their videos humorous. not me though, I can see the prequels for the flawed but interesting films that they are


Never heard of them, dunno how I feel about criticism being consensus being a thing that is positive and/or desirable. Criticising the prequels is surely the sort of job my dug could do, they’re just terrible terrible films, very little insight is needed to point this out.


Don’t care m8


Red letter media can fuck off with their weird rape fantasy bullshit


I seen these two vids on The Last Jedi popping up this week

I do kinda have beef with the top man not acknowledging that the film has some big problems though. If you love a film you should be comfortable in acknowledging its flaws.


just saw the han solo film. thought it was pretty good. solo film > rugoe won > episode 2 > episode 1 > episode 3 > the old shitty ones.


childish gambino was amazing. want to see a film about his character.


He pops up in Episodes 5 and 6.


Here are my comments on their Phantom Menace ‘takedown’ in full

Fuck them.


Still not seen it


Oh you should, it’s been unanimously agreed on this thread that it’s not only the best Star Wars film, but the best of all films, and maybe even the best piece of art made by humanity.




Is it about the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?


In my head I’m pronouncing that ‘Plague Wees’. I assume that’s right.


No - it’s not a story the Jedi would tell you.