Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)

There’s an episode IX thread by the way


Ooh a red stormtrooper. What innovative mind came up with that one.

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A head honcho at hasbro I reckon

The post above yours literally has the episode 9 thread link in it, idiotdickhead :grinning:



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Good one.

thinking of rewatching the last jedi tonight to decide whitest I will see the rise of skywalker, any interest in a live blogging in this thread?

  • hell no
  • yeah why not

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I know you’ve always been very clear that your dislike of TLJ has nothing to do with the supposed SJW agenda, but given the wider arguments around the film, that’s a hell of a typo safetywink

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not sure how that happened, i’m not white though so think i’m safe


this is a good channel for anyone interested in getting into angry star wars youtube

I’d rather was my dick in bleach, but thanks anyway.


cool, no kink shaming here


Think I’d prefer an audio commentary but whatever works go for it

The Fortnite event was fun. Showed a very short clip of the film



Been re-watching all the Star Wars films with the family, from IV onwards (can’t be arsed with 1-3) in the runup to watching the new one over Christmas. Finished off with TLJ tonight. I was actually slightly nervous I wouldn’t enjoy it as much after all the… discussion, but I think it’s wonderful. I find Luke’s story really satisfying, I can see how it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea to see him still highly imperfect but it really resonates with me.

So many good bits too, the fight in Snoke’s throne room, the kamikaze, the beautiful red salt flats.There are some silly bits and some funny bits, but there should be. At its heart the Star Wars series is for children, and big children who like space battles and X-wings and Tie fighters roaring about.

Reckon I will put it just behind IV and V in my list of favourites.


I also watched TLJ tonight. Think your description is bang on, I really enjoyed it.


Rewatched Rug One on a plane yesterday, was pretty good. Might do TLJ next.


Yep, did a TLJ rewatch yesterday too. Still stands up as far as I’m concerned. And it is definitely the best looking Star Wars film. Some absolutely stunning visuals.

Roll on Friday!


I caught the last hour of Rogue One on ITV Saturday night and still thoroughly enjoyed.

I’ve penciled in a Last Jedi viewing either tomorrow or Wednesday night in preparation for Thursday.