Star Wars is just Star Wars

Chatting to a colleague at work earlier today. He’s a about the same age as me and was waffling on about cinema and going to see a new Star Wars movie at the cinema soon.

Me: Did you see Star Wars at the cinema back when you were a kid?
Him: Which one?
Me: Star Wars.
Him: A New Hope?
Me: ?
Me: It’s just Star Wars, the one from 1977.
Him: That’s A New Hope.
Me: Umm, wasn’t that a marketing ploy in the 90’s, no one at school in 1977 said I went to see A New Hope did they?
Him: It’s Star Wars A New Hope.
Me: Nope, Star Wars.

Am I wrong on this?


You’re correct.

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you’re technically correct, but wrong in the sense that there are multiple star wars films to choose from.


‘A New Hope’. Count how many times you hear that said. Truth is, it is simply ‘Star Wars’.


On April 10, 1981, roughly a year after The Empire Strikes Back was released in theaters, 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm re-released the original film, too. Only this time, George Lucas decided to add “Episode IV” and “A New Hope” to the famous opening title crawl. His motivation was to match the original Star Wars with the opening crawl of Empire , which just a year prior had blown people’s minds by throwing an “Episode V” on the screen when everyone thought they were there to see “Star Wars 2.”


Star Wars was a film before it was a brand?

It was as early as 1981 it got its subtitle, says Wikipedia.

i’d ask the same question, ‘which star wars’ because I had no idea about the retroactive thing.

I’ve got the 2005 ish double DVD that has the original cut on, pretty sure the movie added A New Hope later and it was indeed just Star Wars?

So if he saw it on the 80s he would’ve always known the movie as a new hope but you’re correct

He saw it in '77 as did I but I would never call it A New Hope. It’s Star Wars!

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Luke and The Spaceasaurus


You’re right, technically, but you’re also being obtuse. It has been retitled Episode IV: A New Hope for almost 40 years, ten times as long as it was simply known as Star Wars.


I mean the movie has been known as a New Hope longer than it was known as Star Wars sooooooooo

Also people call it a new hope more than just Star Wars now as Star Wars is too much on an umbrella term now

Like if someone asked me if I had seen star wars I would say 'a new hope’s on the list of films I have seen

I don’t even know what they’re all called - gonna have a stab

Star Wars - A New Hope
Star Wars - Return of the Jedi
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars - The Phantom Menace
Star Wars - Return of the Clones
Star Wars - Attack of the Sith
Star Wars - The Force Awakens
Star Wars - The Last Jedi
Star Wars - The Force Finishes

Attack of the Clones, the Force Awakens, but great stab.


Oh you said the force awakens, disregard

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Rugoe 1

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I miss marckee

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