Starfield 🚀🧑‍🚀

Thread for Starfield. In early access now, launches on the 6th.

What’s the deal with video games


Nice one

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I am looking forward to doing a bit of pew pew on and after the 6th

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“I hate Mondays!”


Looking forward to giving this a go. Will be making a playlist of space-y music while I wait.

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Played about two hours.

Can see myself really enjoying this…if I stick to the main storyline.

Reviews aren’t exactly fantastic so far.

87/100 from 52 reviews on Metacritic is pretty good


It is one of the highest reviewed games of the Year?

I find reviews for AAA titles are not always subjective…

It is engaging, and I want to play more.

Going to be a stealthy space archer


And also in the game


I think I’m starting get my head around how the planet maps and quest markers work, and how to land at the place where the quest marker is, but I wasn’t expecting the maps to be even worse than they were in Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

About 6 or 7hrs in now and eeally enjoying myself now im doing more substantial quests. World feel alive generally - finally meeting some characters i like… although half my crew are already madly in love with me which is a problem! Theres a point on the main quest line where youre given 3 quests at once i suggest you do these (especially the first one) wont go inro detail its just improves the game. The random world quests l/scropted evbts have been fun and surprisingly the game can be quite scary/tense with a couple missions being very horror driven in scebarios where you feel truly vulnerable and in danger. It has problems - too much planet hopping early doors especially and god awful UI and maps. Also TOO MANY LOAD SCREENS the loads can be fairly long as well abd they add up ih and the autosave sucks so use quick save before objectives or after key fights. Niggles aside i like it quite a lot so far. Better than fallout 4


Got the week after next off, with my GF away in San Franciso for the week, so I’m hoping the XBox version of this isn’t terrible.

I really don’t want to have to explain a new PS5 in the living room because Starfield was shit, so I’ve broken and done an @iridium to play Baldurs Gate 3.

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Haring though Diablo 3* this week so I can be ready for the 6th.

*damn you @midnightpunk why have you sent me down this road

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From what I’ve read and seen there seems to be more kisses with graphical drivers on the pc versions, even for the RTX and XTX CARDS.

Xbox runs at a stable 30fps 4k or 2k depending on the console.

I’m less worried about the odd framerate drop / glitch this early in the life of a Bethesda game than I am about loads of boring fetch quests.