Starfield 🚀🧑‍🚀

Nice one. Went blindly into the next bit of a mission, but I’m only just level 7 and everyone is like 16-20, and I’m rapidly running out of med packs

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Wide-stancing cunt

First chance I’m getting I’m betraying his Johnson mfing ass

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Gotten oddly addicted to listening to podcast reactions to this game and I can’t even play it. One of the most mixed responses to a big game I’ve seen.

Pretty much everyone ive spoken to seems to really like it tbh
Ive ignored the critical discourse as im wanting to go in as blind as possible but honestly think some people let their imaginations run away with them when it came to this game and what it COULD be. They no mans sky’* themselves all over again

*note this game is far nore complete, feature rich and accomplished than launch no mans sky

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Yeah, first Reddit hype comment I saw was something like “I’m really hoping this is going to be like an updated Wing Commander: Privateer!!”

why would you think that ffs, it’s obviously going to be Space Skyrim, for better and worse



space Skyrim would be travelling towards places in space though which you don’t do in this game. I’m liking it a bit more now I’m getting into it, it has that kind of brain off collect things watch your character get a bit better loop that their games do but a big chunk of the game and the fantasy of having a simulated world in space feels missing

doesn’t help that the perks are so damn boring too, were they always like this? 10% more carry weight, items sell for 10% more, 20% damage resistance to energy weapons etc. Maybe it’s just because the games are designed to be so long that they have to make you eek out little improvements here and there but when I level up it’s never exciting

There are a lot of upgrade paths in thos game not sure what else they could do woth levelling up which definitely isnt % increases. Ive got a ship i cant fly because my piloting level is too low for example

You can mod your weapons for the fun shit and your abilites are earned in quest

maybe it’s because I’ve had to use 4 perks to mitigate the terrible weight capacity already and even there they are stingy, I’ve maxed out the tree on that and I can still carry less than Skyrim

Im wearing clothes that let me carey more but i juat dumping my weight onto my companuon and ship when im done moving around and selling old gear

yeah I’m doing that too but it’s grating on me this time, feels very old, loot 6 pirates, pick up their suits and weapons, then talk to my companion, wait for their canned dialogue to happen, click the inventory, tab over to them, move the stuff over etc. That’ll usually sort me for an hour or so I guess but it feels like I could go longer in Skyrim, especially with the Steed Stone and backpacks you could buy. I don’t want to pick up everything just the few things of value I find.

Feels like they’ve got better at some things and worse at others which is the course they’ve been on I guess since Skyrim

As someone who dislokes skyrom thos is a better game than skyrim

like is there a particular reason why transferring stuff to your companion has to be done through their dialogue prompts? Always felt a bit weird and janky but in a game where so much other stuff is menu driven they could give you a tab where you can just transfer stuff?

You can do that can’t you? It’d just take half a day to actually get anywhere! I think maybe they had the same thought at first but realised if they wanted to make something true to space they’d need to add a few player concessions too. Coulda just made the compromise of shrinking space a bit though couldn’t they, but then all the precious astrophysicists would be up in arms!

I haven’t explored the ships much. I’m hoping there’s a super fast one that might make travel a bit more possible. Can you go through atmospheres or anything?

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I don’t think you can do planet to space in real time or anything it’s just a loading transition, I don’t mind that so much but I thought you’d be exploring space more, bumping into random things out there, emergent gameplay etc but I don’t see how that can happen here outside of just picking a random planet on the star map or getting a quest which you fast travel to

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You do bump into random things a lot whilst exploring

Quests - encounters - environmental stuff. Ive explored maybe 2hrs and ended up watching military drills, helpong out a bounty hunter and treating a sick stranded explorer whilst i was jist bimblimg around on a planets surface

but you can’t fly in space, on the planets yeah it’s good that classic calming Bethesda loop

I mean you can its just helpessly slow and inffective innit?

Theres a reason a game that does it all doesnt exist and the ine thats trying to do that Star Citizen will mever come out

The emergent stuff is planetary rather than in space itself.

I think you’d really like Sunless Skies for what you’re after specifically. The reason I’m happy with starfield is that SS has the space exploration down so I get my fix elsewhere

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