Starfield 🚀🧑‍🚀

Another thing: gastronomy seems totally pointless like they lost interest in developing it properly. I would love to go off looking for exotic ingredients if I could make something either valuable or useful with them. But it just seems to be lots of +5hp for 30s type buffs.

navigation is a bit of a pain, sometimes my mission marker will get stuck on my ship and the starmap controls are a pain.

still fun though.

managed to somehow massively annoy Sarah though. no idea how, but she’s fucking fuming with me, kept greeting me with “what the hell do you want?”, on my ship! asked her and she was all like “you know what you did”, ended the convo and she tells me to piss off. unassigned her from my ship cos she was bringing the vibes down, and we crossed paths as i walked to it and she just says “you’ve really pissed me off”.

absolutely not a clue what i’ve done :joy:


I keep on having the same conversation with adjerana and it always ends with her forgiving me and then immediately saying shes leaving at the next dock and will never see me again. She then is ecstatic when i invite her back on ny exhibition. Think thats bugged :joy:

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Well this tells me all I need to know about you! Sashays away…


I dnt understand, I can’t get rid of Sarah. She’s permanently assignment to my ship.

If you go into the ship menu, you can press Y to view your crew and then there was an unassign button. I guess you might need to be in New Atlantis or some other port for it to work?

Anybody else had issues with cargo delivery missions?

I accepted one to deliver something on Mars. The cargo went into my ship’s inventory. I’ve landed on Mars, and ran to the blue dot for this mission. Except - at the location, which is in the middle of nowhere and there’s no NPCs around, the blue dot is 30m up in the air. Nothing happens and there’s seemingly no way to deliver the cargo. When I check the surface map, the blue dot isn’t on there at all. Is this a glitch or have I missed something?

do you have to deliver it to a ship orbiting Mars maybe?

the mission markers are all over the place for me at the moment

Sorted now cheers. I tried what you said and took off from Mars, had a look around, then landed. Except this time I landed directly at Cydonia (where the goods were for) and not a different landing pad nearby. The quest completed automatically. Why the quest marker was in a random location I don’t know.

Weirder still is that yesterday, I landed at that ‘wrong’ landing pad and tried to change my ship’s location without having to take off from the planet and land again. Turns out you can’t do that - you’ve always got to take off then select a new landing location from orbit. I think? Oh well, least I no longer feel like the universe’s worst delivery guy.

Liking Starfield more the more I play.

Visited my parents in New Atlantis and they were having two entirely different conversations at the exact same time, not acknowledging what the other was saying, or that they were even talking over each other. Just shows Bethesda’s incredible attention to immersive and realistic details.


been playing this an hour or two a night and really really really enjoying it, more than any other game pass release from microsoft. halo was good, refall was trash, and hi-fi rush will be in the mix for my game of the year, but this… this is like fucking catnip for me.

i really like the game’s looks. i know that some dislike them, but i find it really interesting and quite a nice looking game at most of the time. interestingly, the times where it looks the worst is on new atlantis, but i think that’s because that the time of day just makes it look a bit shite. in service of it’s realism, it’s not really that nice looking, unlike tears of the kingdom which feels like it’s constantly the northern lights or sunset.

i really like the story. in fact, this might be the best part of the game. the main quest is really really interesting, i don’t think i’ve played a game that seems to be about first contact (i just got the magic gravity thing and everyone is asking me if it’s aliens, but i have a feeling it might be far future humans or time travellers or something, but aliens works too) but the other quest, UC Vanguard, has had the most stand out moments, and really interesting twists along the way. i reckon it would have been a really good story too. i’m aproaching it from the perspective of just not really trying, properly role playing, and finding that it’s a lot of fun.

the shooting is good, the ammo is bad. i like the guns - i have a dissassmbler nova light pistol with 57 DMG that’s a fucking beast, and i prefer that to anything else, but i’ve found the ammo management to be very hard to understand and parse. i get that it’s realisteic to have all the different types of ammo being names, but it’d be alot easier to get your head around if it was just a bit more friendly, like halo’s ballistic/energy/beam genres, rather than each weapon needing it’s own. once i realised that picking up the weapons the lads drop gives you basically nothing, all i loot the dead twats i find for is ammo and credits.

systems i don’t understand yet:

  • space combat is very hard. i die a lot, and only managed to get through what i’d consider a four way dog fight by being a coward and basically running away. the health system for the ship is quite hard to get my head around, and feel like it makes no sense. like, why are some of the bars on the left dropping out, going red, and then coming back? what does pressing RT actually repair?
  • outposts are totally blind to me, i’ve not had the game explain them, why i’d build one, or even how. maybe it’ll come up in a quest.
  • ship uprgades too, is shit - i “uprgaded” my weapons once, and they were worse than the default. absolutely shite. that’s not an upgrade! i don’t know what i am doing and apparently once i bought the new ones the old ones went in the bin? crap. cost a fucking fortune too.

odd bugs and stuff
after asking how to get rid of sarah morgan, somehow i managed to get andreja, sam, cora, sarah and vasco all on the Frontier. i think it is only supposed to be two people on the ship, and there’s one bed, but christ it’s crowded. vasco keeps talking to me as if he’s on a planet somewhere. quite funny.
the game crashes after a wee while for me. i can actually tell when it’s going to, in fact. it starts shuddering a lot and then i notice that the textures are low res and not loading properly. then it boots me out.

so yeah, a lot to like. and so much still to do! i’ve only been to akila, new atlantis, and earth a few times, along with a few other moons for some random encounters which were fun, but now the game seems to be funneling me to further afield. that’s cool. looking forward to seeing where the UC story goes. not sure if the other factions are any good. i’m not joining the freestar cops, nor do i fancy a job at the ryu industries, so i guess i need to join the pirates? as a mole? not a fan of that so far.

There’s a very early side mission that takes you to Luna. When you do that it triggers the game telling you to build your first outpost.

However it’s possible you’ve missed that. You want me to sent you a YouTube tutorial i liked?

Ultimately outposts aren’t necessary at all in the game, they just make you a lot richer if you get it right

oh, i’ve missed this… maybe? i feel like i went to Luna right at the start, even before Mars, but didn’t get prompted to sort out an outpost?

yeah if there is a tutorial fire it over

The bars dropping out is because your shields are down and your ship is taking damage which is causing systems to fail. The repair repairs the ship parts and give you HP but not shield - shield regenerates as long as you still have power going to the shield and the shield generator isnt busted

You upgraded your weapons how? Have you added better weapons or have you upgraded your generator so you can get more power to your guns. You need to be upgrading your generator as it increaases the power you can get to your systems such as your ballistics and lasers.

Are you using lasers/missiles on the shields and balistics/missles when shields are down? If you’ve upgraded your balisitcs and you’re trying to take down shields with them you wont have a good time and vice versa

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Extremely, extremely Bethesda. I love it.

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Uh… ok. :smiley: I’m going to surprise you by saying I don’t think I understand ship combat at all!

So wait, Shields and Health aren’t the same thing? So, if my Shields are up, I can’t take damage? So how to they damage the Shield generator then, if the Shields are up?

I went into the Ship Builder thing after speaking to the Ship Tech guy at one of the pads, and there was a button “A” to upgrade. It opened up a menu, so i picked three new gun things. they were dog shit.

No idea what you mean here, so no. I didn’t know that you had to, or could frankly.

Absolutely not, nope, I’m just firing all three buttons like i’m playing Street Fighter. So what’s the deal here, you are meant to hit shields off and then ballistics afterwards? How do you know if their shield is up or what not?

Another thing I don’t get; I have 15 bars to spread across the six items. What’s the point in putting more than one into the Grav option? And why was it when I upgraded my weapons I went down to only 14? How to you buy more? And does putting the bars into the weapons make them more powerful?

With upgrading I think it just directly replaces parts with what they have in stock, so you don’t have to go through the bother of fiddling about with modifying the ship. That being the case, you gotta check out the stats on the left side of the screen. If they’re red they’re worse than what you’ve got, if they’re green, it’s all good!

yeah, but it confused me as i changed them with things that were green, went into a fight and was utterly useless compared to the ones i had before. it was a very confusing “upgrade”.

No idea then! It really can be obtuse.

In terms of the actual combat:

Take all the bars out of your grav meter first - you won’t be needing them obv

Make sure your shields and lasers are maxed out and put the rest into ballistics and engines.

Keep moving constantly and not just in a straight line. If you start coming into consistent fire change direction and hit boost to make yourself harder to hit, while coming around on an enemy.

Try not to switch targets unless you have a good reason. Keeping focused on one let’s you lock them in.

Hammer then with lasers and missiles to take their shields out, then open up with ballistics once their shield bars are gone. Early game ships have very weak hulls and will die fast.

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