Starfield 🚀🧑‍🚀

Fine dont be space batman

The ship is a legandary it has a lot of perks such as its reputation and isnoutrageously good at combat/smuggling

Did you get the armour set? That’s pretty sweet.

Haven’t touched Starfield in a while. Initially loved it but no real enthusiasm to go back at the moment. Once the novelty of space wore off I found it too similar to Skyrim/Fallout, games I’ve put 100s of hours into. The loop is exactly the same, the menus/UI have just been reworked.

It doesn’t help I had a quick go at Cyberpunk and now I’m hooked. Makes Starfield look like a game from 2 gens ago, which it sort of is.

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100% this

Cyberpunk and Starfield both do different things really if Cyberpunk tried to do what starfield was doinng we’d still be recieving patches like 10 years from now fixing it


What? How do you mean space batman? I don’t get it

Exact same thing happened to me. I was enjoying Starfield but after switching to Cyberpunk I won’t be going back anytime soon. Their approach to telling stories couldn’t seem more different.

Even with the best writing in the world, Starfield’s delivery wouldn’t be very interesting in 2023. Constant loading screens, static conversations where the characters don’t move, the 1-1 Elder Scrolls/Fallout style “head lock”… Even when it’s good, it feels clunky.

Whereas Cyberpunk is in that Half Life 2 style of storytelling. Conversations and setpieces are so much more dynamic - there’s a really nice flow to it all and it’s easier to get immersed into.

Where you not listening to the narrative throughout the Mantis mission? the mantis is a feard vigalante and you get their armor and ship and the enermies react accordingly :slight_smile: if you use said items

You basically become this overpowered feared person off of the myrhos and reputation

Best is when you get pirates absolutely shitting the bed


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The only narrative I heard was the stuff from Leon’s mum about his inheritance, and I didn’t know who Leon was or his mum. Felt like I’d basically landed at any other base really. Going in at level 31 might have broken it.

Holy shit. Is that the mantis - please dont kill us we’ll leave sorry sorry

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Yeah, it’s so immersive. In about 20 hours, outside of dying/fast travelling (which isn’t really necessary as the city is so condensed), I haven’t seen a cutscene or loading screen. Cleverly masked I’m sure but it’s such a contrast to Starfield.

Anyway, maybe I should take it to the Cyberpunk thread. Not bashing Starfield, had fun and will definitely go back, but found it very jarring moving from one game to the other.


Uninstalled this last night after realising I just don’t really care about it any more.

Enjoyed about thirty or forty hours of it, so I think I gave it a fair shot, but it’s fine and no more, a solid 7.5/10 for me I think.

The major issue for me is that it’s totally lost the best part of previous BSG games which is the tootling around doing a quest > “oh what’s that on the horizon” moments of exploration thanks to the menu based travel. This means that quests often feel like just dialing through menus to have short conversations rather than having interesting diversions on the way.

Really wish they’d done a single, denser solar system with seamless travel but presumably the game engine just can’t cope with that. Also find it a bit shit that things like going into the cop station on New Atlantis requires a load, surely at this stage we should have seamless travel into small interiors like it?

Nonetheless, enjoyed my time with it, it looks really great at times and the gunplay is satisfying enough. Will no doubt reinstall for the DLC when it eventually arrives.

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Whilst I agree and the engine can handle this I prefer it as it means that the interior of a building doesn’t need to match the exterior.

Fair point

It’s a game that occupies a real sweet spot for me: I’m not obsessed about it (a real problem I often have that disrupts my life entirely!), but I don’t really want to play anything else either. So when I get an hour or two spare I’ll quite happily pootle around and go meet someone I’ve totally forgotten about, or finish a quest, survey a planet, whatever. I need this kind of game in my life!


Yeah, that’s pretty much what hours 10 - 40 were for me, dip in and out as and when and I liked that about it, didn’t need to keep loads of stuff in my brain.

Just found myself not being bothered to even do that over the last week though and decided I should probably make some space for something new.

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I think pretty much every game would benefit from being a lot more compact and jampacked with things to do. There’s a place for a broad sweeping landscapes to explore but very few games manage this without it getting tedious.

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I’m currently stuck on a main mission because of the CUNTING lock pick mini game. Absolutely fucking hate it and I can’t get through this companion quest without doing an expert lock pick WHICH resets everytime I have to re do.

Ableist bullshit. Fucking arseholses. This isn’t skill, fun, or even remotely immersive. Fuck up you cunts.

I’ve got better at the mini game but it still takes some time/brain power. I ignore most of the locks now because it breaks the flow of the game for too long and often rewards aren’t worth it (more ammo for a gun I’m never going to use etc).

Have you put any points into lockpicking? When you highlight a piece of the puzzle the rings in the lock turn blue to indicate it’s used within that layer. Sometimes a piece can be used in multiple rings, but most of the time not (stays white). Helps narrow things down a bit. Not sure how many points you need to spend to unlock that, I think only 1?

Probably not explained that very well.

Wait, this is key - this is a thing? It tells you which ring it is used in? You’re fucking with me.

I put some points into it thinking at somepoint it’d become a “auto-solve” or something but that hasn’t happened.