Stars Of The Lid - Oct 2nd

Anyone fancy a quick drink beforehand?

anyone go? how was it? can’t wait for manc on Wed

Me. I went. Very very good. Beautiful with the occasional crescendo of crushing drone. You’re in for a treat.

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awesome! I’ve seen them before but the short clip on their facebook looked amazing with the projections and lighting

I went and was typically late. What time did they start playing? What I saw of them was excellent!

Was wonderful, the light show was immense.

The lighting was stunning. Was sat in the second row so got well acquainted with the smoke machines

8:30 maybe? Not entirely sure. Played about 75 mins I think.

Ah that’s good then. We were in before he said good evening, but I wasn’t sure if they’d been playing a fair while without speaking. On the plus side the staff member showing us to our seats took us to the wrong section and we ended up sitting in seats that were better than the ones we’d booked which was cool.

Setlist? Is it the one they’ve played for the last few years?

I’m not familiar enough with the names of their tracks to tell you. Definitely played Vegetarian Hunting… and I think we’re playing Requiem for Dying Mothers when we arrived

Aye, think it’s been New Song / Mothers 1&2, Fuckface and then one I can’t remember the name of

fuckface live is just sonic bliss


After ‘…Fuckface’ they played ‘Mulholland’ i think? Or was it ‘Anchor States Part 1’?

Aye, mulholland that’s it. Disappointing but haven’t seen them for ages so still very exciting

Well that was pretty special! It came together beautifully when the animations were used to compliment the lighting, and the swirling/vortex effect was really effective. Great stuff.

Our second baby is due on the 11th, do I risk getting a ticket for the Brighton gig on the 10th!?!

Only if you give your child the name Fuckface if it eventually does get born on the 11th.

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Fucky McFuckface

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First kids already called Fucky McFuckface.

They played I Will Surround You as well, which was a nice surprise. Yeah, the lighting / visuals were pretty spectacular.