Stars touring Set Yourself on Fire

European tour for the 15th anniversary.

Great record, always a fun live band. They did an AMA on twitter once and I asked them if they’d actually know anyone who lived on in a second floor flat on Camden Road and they said that’s where their UK label was based.


Really like the album. It’s the one that got me into them. Their other albums are a bit crap.

Might go. Would be a definite if it wasn’t at The Scala which is bearable at best. My nightmare would be if The Scala was sold out and it was bumped to The Koko but don’t think that they’re that big. The last time I saw them was The Garage maybe five or six years ago.

£24. I’m out.

I liked the follow up to this (In Our Bedrooms etc) and The North but they’re very patchy usually.

I saw them at the Scala in 2007 and then again in Glasgow in 2012ish, both times were really good. Like not technically amazing but with such passion and vibes it totally made up for it.

Ohhh :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Nightsongs - 6/10
Heart - 8/10
Set Yourself on Fire - 10/10
In Our Bedroom After the War - 8/10
The Five Ghosts - 7/10
The North - 7/10
No One Is Lost - 8/10
There Is No Love in Fluorescent Light - 8/10

Can’t wait.


An amazing band when they hit the right spot. Remember seeing them with Land Of Talk about a decade ago - same can be said about them

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I recently relistened to Set Yourself On Fire when the tour was announced and didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I did when it was released. My favourite Canadian indie Arts and Crafts band has always been Most Serene Republic.


Amongst the best of that wave of Canadian indie bands that all seem to hit at the same time so many years ago.

Set yourself on Fire my favourite of their albums too. Unfortunately they aren’t playing Newcastle :frowning:

Ah I used to love them!

The dual Arcade Fire/Hope Of The States vibes in this do it for me

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not gonna go to this but this is still a beazer


Their 2015(?) gig at the Scala was the best show I’ve seen them do. Whole venue singing along to “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” was magical.

Very tempted to go to the Dublin show.
Workmans Club is pretty small.
Seen Stars a few times around this and Our Bedroom After The War - fucking brilliant!

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Forgot how much I loved Elevator Love Letters too

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Yer man Muzza from The Dears is supporting

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strange to see this LP on the recent Pitchfork <3 ratings thread too…must admit I bought this and was somewhere in the middle with it (7.0 or so) but get why people liked it and a 1.7 rating seems insanely spiteful

It got a 1.7 on Pitchfork!?
Fuck me, what a shower of shitebags.

Interesting. I absolutely loved In Our Bedroom After the War and bought the couple of albums afterwards with decreasing interest. For some reason I don’t think I ever looked backwards from there. Will give this a soon over the weekend.