Starship food delivery robots

Have you seen them? Are they only in Cambridge? A few nights ago I saw 10 of them queued up at a traffic light and it was fucking creepy.

Is this the new Arctic Monkeys album title


Think they were testing them in Milton Keynes

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Isn’t the food on starships normally pretty grim stuff?

Never seen them but they sound absolutely dystopian and I am ready

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Punt em into the Cam


These the little guys who got stuck in an inch of snow the other day?

My brother lives in Cambourne, and they’ve been trundling around the streets doing co-op orders there for a couple of years.

Top tip: don’t book your delivery on the same day as your rubbish is collected, as they don’t seem to know how to negotiate wheelie bins left on the pavement.

See them all the time and have very conflicted emotions about them. On the one hand, so cute! Saw one get confused crossing a road the other day and felt a genuine pang of sympathy for it. On the other hand, fuck the machines.

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brother in law lives in northampton and gets very excited about them. They seem stupid.

Maybe you should take more time to get to know your brother in law before making that sort of judgement of him?



…Its been 20 years now so im happy with my conclusion

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