Start of the Week Thread


Daughter’s not well, hotter than a desert in a hot part of the world.

So, working from home today instead of Wednesday.


Can someone ring my work and tell them I cba please?



so far today I have inadvertently knocked a lampshade whilst putting my coat on and it fell off and hit me on the head. good start to the week I think.


My new flat is SO QUIET. My last place in London was on a main road (although my bedroom was on the inside) so there was just constant traffic noise, and housemates coming in late, slamming doors etc. But I’ve slept better these last two nights than I did in the 18 months I was there. Delightful.

First day in the new office. Some work I’ve been dealing with for months and was totally static finally got moving about five minutes before I left last week, so I had to emergency hand it off to someone else. Hoping it hasn’t all burnt down in my absence.


It’s so nice this, isn’t it? When you’ve lived in a noisy place and then move on it can be hard to believe how much FUCKING NOISE you were putting up with before.

Bask in it.


this sounds glorious

I woke up naturally before my alarm this morning and don’t feel shattered. Just the best.

Well this weather can fuck right off for a start.


prefer this to it being barely above zero. still shite though.


WFH today. Did the nursery run, which went well. No tears, no clinginess when I left, so that’s all good.

I bought a new lamp for my work space at the weekend too, so I’m not sitting in a gloomy corner now.

Do you ever wonder how some people you work with manage to get their shoes on the right feet every day?

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i wonder that about myself sometimes

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Hit the snooze button twenty times this morning.
Urgh Monday.

Hope this week at work is less annoying than last.
Have a good week everyone!

2nd of my 11 days in between jobs. Off to test drive a car and buy some shirts.

Morning all,

Despite my protestations and dire warnings it seems Monday is going ahead regardless. I’m not happy but I’ll have to go along with it.

So tired. Might just rub the coffee directly into my eyes and see if I can save time and cut out the middle man.

Hope you’re all well

Got absolutely soaked on the preschool drop off (luckily managed to get R into his waterproof overtrousers, so he could splash in all the puddles and be dry when he took them off). Have a telephone therapy appointment in approximately six minutes which is going to be lots of fun. Then going to grate a mountain of beetroot and celeriac ready for dinner later (or more accurately, going to use the grater blade in my mum’s ancient magimix so I don’t get purple hands).

They said it’s all cool, they hope to see you tomorrow.

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Cheers zeal. Could have done it before I got here, but I appreciate the sentiment.

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My last day in the office before two weeks off :partying_face: Planning on a day of just tying up loose ends and then manicure and pedicure after work :nail_care:

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Had a dream about sentient mould taking over a cruise ship so I had to weld up all the exits and scuttle it in a dry dock so the spores couldn’t get out. My sleep was not so good as a result.

GF was like a hurricane this morning going through the apartment and i’m back into work after a few days off so I’m a bit discombobulated. Need an evening of playing bass very loudly soon.

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