Started a teeth whitening course last week

Not a joke thread. Not got much to say about it to be honest. Seems to be working ok though.



The tray things from a dentist or a shop bought thing?

Is there gonna be a test or is it all coursework


Aye, the whole course with visits to the dentist

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How much is that skinning you, if you don’t mind me asking?

Cost me 280, partly covered by private healthcare through work

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That’s pretty decent tbh

Used those whitening strips twice, made my teeth ache horribly afterwards

I’ve just got my tray. And polar night whitening stuff. Cost me similar amount. Not started yet. Gonna do it later this week. Having the tray made was gross. It’s like having the most toxic tasting goo you can imagine in your mouth. Made me gag more than once.

Didn’t find it that bad - had a bit of a strawberry flavour. There’s a lot of it though aye.

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Yeah deffo. Are you using polar night or a different whitening product?


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