Started doing the old oil pulling again


had some real bad gums last week. painful as fuck. thought my teeth were toast.

chucked loads of shit at it - clove oil, corsodyl, salt water rinses but nowt was making any real difference.

started doing oli pulling from saturday night and boom, gums as pink as fuck and strong as a motherfucker.

breath smells way better too.

gonna get back on this horse full time, for sure


What’s oil pulling?


anyone other than you, I’d tell them to do their own research. but anyway…

just swilling a mouthful of coconut (or sesame etc) oil in your mouth for say 15 minutes to get rid of all the shitty toxins.


Sounds like it’s an unpleasant experience to actually do it, is that the case?


not really. I do it first thing, while getting lunch prepped or whatever.

I’ve done it a couple times after breakfast, or in the arvo and it makes me fucking gag.

it’s actually quite therapeutic man


well yeah. I’ve alluded to that above man