started getting videos autoplaying

like i’ll click play on something and watch it to the end and move on with my life down the thread, but once the website loads more replies itll cause the video to play again

was reading a big thread before and unmuted the volume and had 3 or 4 audio tracks playing at once

who is to blame

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Just sharing the link here so it can be added to the script.


Yeah I have that too

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too.

Not as a new thing though, definitely have had this for months at least.

Not found anything in the backend so far. @sean , any ideas?

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thanks for having a look

Think it’s always done this for me tbh.

Sorry totally missed this.l amidst things the last few days

Is everyone using a similar browser or device?

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firefox on windows laptop meself

I have the same thing, on what sounds like the same setup

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Is this just with TikTok? I think they auto play on mute.

no mate, YouTube does it. not sure about others

Been trying to replicate it with YouTube or find any settings that have changed. Really sorry about this.

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thanks for having a look, no need to apologise

Yup, I’ve had this for some time now. I’m using Safari on MacOS Ventura.