Starting a fire


I really want to start a fire from scratch using the friction method at least once in my life (two sticks etc). I tried last year but had no luck. after internet research I found you need the correct types of wood but it didn’t mention the species or any other tips (also felt like cheating using the net).
I am going to attempt it again this weekend any tips guys?


Nothing to back this up but I reckon chopsticks would be good for this


I would ideally like to get the wood from the trees outside try and keep authentic


Dead, dry softwood.


Have you done it yourself Colin? I think it should be something everyone should learn, back to nature stuff


Don’t go asking Billy Joel for any tips


Early reviews of my porn debut weren’t great


Tried once. Gave up and used a match instead.


Did it on some teambuilding day. It was really difficult and boring.


Think just rubbing two sticks together is very difficult.

You’re better off using the bow method.

If you just want to use two sticks, you’ll basically need a flat, plank-like piece of wood, and a pointed stick which you push back and forth on top of it.


Obviously the wood needs to be very dry, and you’ll need some sort of kindling ready to catch if you ever actually get it hot enough to spark an ember.


Did you manage it, did give you piece of mind that you could survive a plane crash/ impress a small children


Use two sticks to flick open and light a zippo


Yeah but we had some very specialist stuff. Like a bit of wood and some straw for tinder and a bow.

Basically I think even in a post-apocalyptic zombie society there’ll still be plenty boxes of matches about.


The correct method is to use your desire. Your desire.


ive started a fire with flint and a stone before. people on here didnt believe me


I believe you, isn’t it a secret initiation test all white van drivers must pass?


thank you, and it wouldn’t be a secret if i told you would it


my mate and I set fire to this hornets nest that was in the middle of a massive pile of wood, presumably for bonfire night.

it was in a naval base and we got caught running away. both got a caution. a naval caution, or something.

had to stay in for two long weeks that summer as punishment.

thought we were doing these cunts a favour. hornets are nasty


Insert Keith Flint Firestarter joke here: