Starting a podcast


Has anyone here started a podcast? I had an amazing idea for one and I’ve come up with a name (#notthelimey) and logo and outlines for the first 20 episodes. also have ideas for the intro music.

what recording stuff do you think I’ll need? I’ve got a MacBook and I’m getting a new phone soon. is it worth getting better stuff?


You’ll really want a nice mic, stand for it and some way to plug it into your Mac - an audio connector will work to convert a mic 1/4" jack to 3.5mm.

Reaper is cheap/free for non profit stuff.

You cN use what you have but it won’t sound great


Hunt down Let’s Talk About Sects on FB as Sarah who makes it will help you I’m sure


thanks I think my bf has stuff like that from making music so might be able to borrow


Ah yeah, no doubt he will then.

Probably hardest thing may be finding a room to record in with minimal background noise


I would def recommend investing in a mic, even a budget one to get started still makes such a difference! You can get some that go straight to usb if you are on a budget.

I also get duvets/pillows to put around when I’ve tried to record stuff (very lofi but does the job)


Biggest tip I can give is to find/make a room/space where there is little to no background noise & as little in the way of ambient room reflections as possible.

Essentially you want the closest, warmest vocal sound that you can get, not just so that it sounds ‘pro’ but also because of psychoacoustics; the more the brain has to work to filter out background sounds and reflections the more strenuous and tiresome it is for the listener to stay focused.

Most people think that the key with this is having a pro mic but actually the acoustic qualities of your recording space are just as, if not more, important. A cheap mic in a well treated space is going to always sound way better than an expensive mic in an echoey or noisy space.

Having said all that actual concrete tips on how to work your recording environment depend very much on the type of recordings you plan to do. Always one voice (yours) recorded at home? Interviews with others? (ie recording with more than one mic at a time, phone or Skype interviews?) Vox pops on the street?

They all require different approaches/tools/planning


it’s gonna be about relationships, polyamory, non-monogamies, relationship anarchy, etc. with different themes and features each week and interviews with people who have non-monogamous or anarchic relationships. gonna call it Most Knots Are Wild (which is playing with the metaphor of ‘tying the knot’ and is from a mathematics paper I found when researching knot theory)


This sounds wicked, please post about it when it starts!


Sounds really interesting, also sounds like you’re going to need 2/3/4 mics and a small mixer if you’re going to interview couples/threes etc

And headphones of course


do people think this sounds stupid? should I do it?


It doesn’t sound stupid, and you should do it —even if it did sound stupid you should do it anyway, because acting on ideas is generally better than not acting on them*.

*provided your idea isn’t “going on an axe-wielding rampage” or something like that


You should totally do it!


Yeah I think you should do it


Do it


All you need to ask is yourself is would you be doubting yourself if you were a middle-class, het, white, cis-gender man talking about something completely unoriginal? Or would you do it because, well, who’d stop you?


There is no reason not to do it and plenty of reasons to do it

Even in the worst possible scenario of it being a total disaster you will still learn a shitload

…and you will be far nearer the other end of the success scale. Do it


I’d definitely give it a listen, sounds really interesting.

And if you think you’d have fun doing it and aren’t worried about how many people listen to it, then that’s all the more reason to. I’ve done a few blogs and recordings for work and non-work which fuck all people have seen, but I’ve enjoyed doing it so don’t regret doing at all.


found all these free sound effects

planning to start making this in July when I can borrow my bf’s mic


Should have a competition on dis to come up with some jingle music