Starting going to the gym [exercise for dummies]



so i bought 9 months of gym membership, been swimming once so far. Not sure If i should start on weights, as i’m horrendously out of shape- could barely swim for 20 minutes. Should I get fitness up and then do lifting or what?

cheers :slight_smile:


Nah, lift weights.


i would do 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights


To expand on my post, if you’ve joined a gym one of the people there should spend some time with you creating a personal plan and routine to achieve what your goals are (free of charge) and they’ll explain how each piece of equipment works, how much you should lift, how many times etc.


yeah, they have classes on and stuff, I should go to those :slight_smile:


Also ask resident lifter @mehodor


u called m8


most gym’s charge for this do they not? some PT’s will do an initial taster (oooh er) session for free but the more in-depth plan/advice stuff they normally charge for

definitely worth doing though as you could batter away at the wrong exercise for months and never actually achieve what you’re looking to do


Being in good shape is for nerds