Starting Threads

  • I’m really fucking good at it
  • I do it, but I’m shit at it
  • I don’t do it, but I’d be awesome at it if I did
  • I don’t do it because I am a shit thread starter
  • IANCDTIIAPB (I Am Not Comfortable Disclosing This Information In A Public Forum)
  • I don’t know what a thread is.
  • Other

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I start threads sometimes but they’re ok, this is my favourite one I think but it was a mess at the start oops


come on folks I’m not the only good threadstarter on here

are we supposed to reply to all the replies when we start a thread? I never know

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it seems like good manners but sometimes i want to reply to a thread without receiving a reply back

I tend to do this until I get bored then it’s too intimidating to open the thread again

  • I prefer to reply to all the replies in my threads
  • Once I have started a thread I prefer to leave it alone

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I reply to some to warm things up a bit. But then most of the threads I start are the daily threads, and they go off in all sorts of tangents


find it stressful unless it’s a very stupid thread


I think nothing of it. If I want to start one, I’ll start one. I don’t then think of measuring the success or how good it was in any way.

In saying that, I don’t really start serious ones and if I do I don’t put much in the first post in case someone tells me I’m wrong/an awful person, etc.

Worry about this a lot. Also worry if people are having a nice time in my threads. Like hosting a party, are we having fun?? Is this ok??? Am I ok??


I once got compared with “a 12 year old boy who’d just got his own computer” after one of the threads I started.


@wasted loves posting away to himself in his little football shirt thread. One of his more endearing qualities.


I need to get Mrs CCB on here. Every time:

“What are you laughing at?”
*looks over at my phone*
“Your own joke again?!” *audible sigh*


This is me replying to you in my thread

Twisted threadstarter

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And again

That’s my aspiration