Starting Threads

  • I prefer to reply to all the replies in my threads
  • Once I have started a thread I prefer to leave it alone

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I reply to some to warm things up a bit. But then most of the threads I start are the daily threads, and they go off in all sorts of tangents


find it stressful unless it’s a very stupid thread


I think nothing of it. If I want to start one, I’ll start one. I don’t then think of measuring the success or how good it was in any way.

In saying that, I don’t really start serious ones and if I do I don’t put much in the first post in case someone tells me I’m wrong/an awful person, etc.


I once got compared with “a 12 year old boy who’d just got his own computer” after one of the threads I started.


I need to get Mrs CCB on here. Every time:

“What are you laughing at?”
*looks over at my phone*
“Your own joke again?!” *audible sigh*


This is me replying to you in my thread

Twisted threadstarter

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And again

That’s my aspiration

Whenever I start a thread, which is roughly never but does occasionally happen, I like to try to like and reply to stuff as much as possible because I want people to feel included and know that I’m interested in what they have to say because I feel a lot like I’m

which is probably why I don’t do it that much!

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I like to post a poll asking everyone if they’re having a nice time

they normally aren’t


But enough about how you host parties ahahaha (I like your threads)

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I start a thread very occasionally but I’m rarely bothered by how ‘well’ they do, (fortunately)

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The tag on this thread is

  • M.C. Shit Thread
  • McShit Thread

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I have started one (one) thread on DiS and it was purely to provide @Bamnan with some lovely non-threatening album covers with skeletons on them:

I am not a good thread starter.


aw don’t say that, it was a very nice gesture!


I nearly started a thread about 80s crisps for sale on eBay earlier, but chickened out. Feels like too much of a commitment.