Starting your meal even though not everyone has got theirs yet

  • I like my food HOT, I don’t care, I am tucking in
  • Will give it a couple of minutes
  • Ok that’s 5-10 minutes now sorry I am starting
  • Start but only after permission from the person(s) waiting
  • Even with permission I still won’t start
  • I am very committed to starting at the same time as everyone else even if I have to wait 1000 years goddammit

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depends who I am with. I usually like to start shovelling it in before the plate has even hit the table.


Anyone who doesn’t say ‘oh you go ahead and start’ is a Tory.


horrible feeling when you’ve finished your meal too soon though and you’re sat watching everybody else eat theirs


I am a fast eater


Just order another starter.

Got admonished by a work colleague once cos I started after someone said not to wait but they didn’t hear them.

Just start picking things off their plate.

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I am paranoid about burning myself on food that is too hot so I am usually fine waiting.

Most evenings, my wife has pretty much finished her meal before I’ve started mine.

I like to give the ‘are you going to leave that’ stare very early on to establish myself as the main food-Hoover at the table.

  • Wait to be asked
  • say “oh it’s fine, I’ll wait”
  • if it’s obviously not coming for a good few minutes then tuck in.

Not familiar with this concept.

yeah i have no dignity at all when it comes to hoovering up everyone elses scraps


No concern that the initial permission might have lapsed?

It really depends doesn’t it?

Like, if you’re in a group and everyone except one person has theirs and that person is insisting you start, then it’s daft to let yours go cold, especially if its on its way. BUt then that also seems ot highlight that all bar one person has their meal, and I think I’d actually wait in that situation. If out with my bf then as long as I know his is on its way, then I’ll start. :rofl:

But if I was out with a client then I’d always wait even if they insisted (unless they begged), as that would feel weird. And yes it would also be weird if they begged but you know, weird shit happens.

Nah, you can’t rescind permission in such circumstances

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Restaurants that say “Just so you’re aware, we serve when it’s ready rather than waiting to bring everything together”

  • This is fine, they have alerted me to a potential discrepancy in arrival time. As such I am fine with this.
  • This is bad, why on earth can’t they operate like everyone else and aim to bring the food to the tables so everyone can enjoy their meal together
  • What are you talking about, Tone? This isn’t something I’ve heard of and, as such, I’m incredulous at you about posting this poll
  • Other (Please Specify)

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Not happy about it, but I’ll go along with it.

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Yeah that’d be a bit weird. I’d still announce something like “Ok I am going to eat now”.

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Someone’s been to Wagas recently.