Starting your meal even though not everyone has got theirs yet

I went to some italian place the other week. I think it’s a chain but there aren’t too many of them in t’north yet.

You order pasta at a counter and then wait around while they make it in front of you in little woks.

The food was very very very good but the who experience was a little weird.

I think it’s called Vapiano.

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Yep I’d probably do the same

God I hate eating in restaurants

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this splits my family down the middle hard. my parents don’t care and don’t give a shit. other family members do. it’s a disaster at large gatherings; the mutterings and side-glances generate about 10MW, enough to power 6500 homes*

*Source; 1MW powers 650 homes,, “We asked the Idaho Public Utilities Commission to settle the matter, and it came down somewhere in the middle: 1 MW hour can serve about 650 residential homes.”


Restaurants bring the parents’ meals out before the children’s meals

  • Yeah cheers: now my kids are stressing and I’m having to palm them off with chips from my plate.

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The only time I went to a Vapiano I chose a queue with a very slow pasta person while the queue next to me had a much faster pasta person and served about four people in the time it took my pasta person to serve one. A very frustrating experience.

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you will have to absolutely INSIST and even then I will eat my food like a naughty puppy that’s found the treats in plain sight of its owner but knows it can get a few down before shit hits the fan

Always ask. Always ask to bring the kids out first. Always. Fucks sake, we even order the food for the kids before we’ve even looked at the adult menu.


Please don’t start, I know you’re hungry but we came out for a meal together and I want us to eat together!

Imagine if someone said that to you

They hate you eating in them too m9.

Start eating as soon as poss, I will and I will be offended if you don’t.

really awkward when they don’t tell you that’s how they do it and they just start bringing you shit completely at random

here is person A’s main
*two minutes later*
and here is person A’s starter
*two minutes later*
side dish for person B
*ten minutes later*
side dish for person A


changes the entire ordering strategy

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Useful to always wait but now I think airs and graces around food are ridiculous so I just start. I’m sure there’s exceptions to this, special meals or something, but as long as the person serving isn’t going to be eating once you’ve finished it’s fine

You would get along just grand with my 5 year old nephew

He sounds like a GBON

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People who are told “it’s fine, you just start” but won’t are the worst people. SAKE, JUST EAT IT


As soon as my child’s ordered she starts shouting ‘WHERE’S MY PUDDING?’, which tbf is what I’m also doing, just not as loud


Hate it when the Deliveroo driver wants their 50p tip before I’ve finished eating my meal. So rude

Fine if it’s a tapas/sharing small plates kind of a place. If it’s just a normal restaurant and they can’t be arsed organising their kitchen properly, GTFO


As usual Smee you have provided a balanced, well-constructed and ultimately bang on the money response. Thank you.

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