Starting your meal even though not everyone has got theirs yet

Gene Futterman was a chef at Squires Restaurant in East Hampton, New York. He was famous for his elaborate dinner parties to which he often invited the young Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys) and his family. At these parties he would always say ‘When two are served, you eat! You don’t sit there and let your food get cold waiting for everybody to get served’.

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this post genuinely (if momentarily) raised my self esteem

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Tricky when the chefs don’t clock off for four hours though

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Hearing that has put a spring in my step

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Went to Pizza Express once, my gf’s pizza was burnt quite badly. We politely asserted that it wasn’t really edible. They agreed, took both meals away, then brought two replacements which they gave us for free. I was impressed that they didn’t try to persuade me to eat mine while they cooked her a new one.

wait they took your pizza away even though it was fine? i hope you at least nabbed a couple of slices first

They said they’d bring me a fresh one for nothing. I could have pushed it I suppose.

yeah i get it, and its commendable. i personally wouldn’t be able to handle having a perfectly good pizza taken away from me, even for a matter of minutes.


I was probably relieved that they hadn’t put up a fight (in my typically conflict-avoidant manner). Probably should be more assertive in those situations. The squeaking wheel gets the oil etc.

my boss constantly complains about food. steak is over / under cooked, something else is too cold, fucking whatever. there’s always something. results in the kitchen re-doing it and then him sitting eating it with everyone else watching him, having finished theirs ages ago.

no idea why he does it. like aye, if it’s a complete disaster then say something. but if it’s not 100% perfect then what are you hoping to achieve? would much rather just eat a sub-standard meal than have everyone else sit there waiting on me.


Plus they’re definitely jizzing in his food.


Some people just like having a power trip with this stuff.

My parents once went to their favourite restaurant with my dad’s sister and husband (they’re divorced now). My uncle (ex-uncle?) was a cunt to the staff for the entire meal, complained about everything, sent all his courses back, and then when he was left eating his meal by himself because everyone was done, told the manager he would like a free bottle of wine to make up for the hassle.

My parents never felt able to go back.