State of these new £5 notes


The fuck? Can this be real??


yeah not into em. got a right look when i tried to spend my first one today. feels like monopoly money.


Can you post a picture of you looking through the window please? I feel a bit self-conscious now.


is that what’s happening? thought it was a syringe. don’t have any left, thankfully.


No they arent real
Hand all over ALL your counterfeit plastic fivers to me or face citizen arrest.


Did you ever get a feel
ever get a feel
ever get a feel
of a fiver?


The syringe looking thing is a picture of big ben (or rather the tower that holds big ben because big ben is a bell OF COURSE) thats printed on the window.


#polymers are forever



Alright, Dame Shirley

(Horrible feeling I’ve Wolfcastled myself)


I’ve been to Romania a few times, and they have plastic money there. The texture of these seems a bit different from that though. Idk, I’m sure we’ll all get used to it.


You can’t rip them or wet them either, I tried to rip mine a tiny bit but it just wouldn’t rip


:smiley: okay, now THAT is in my head.



New DiS, new fivers.

Are we allowed to get indignant if we are handed oldfivers in change?


Feels fucking horrible when you want to fold them up cos they dont stay in place. I’m refusing to use mine out of spite.


im the ohgood of fivers


i haven’t touched one yet but the recent scottish fivers made me feel weird


Were they plastic aswell? I have a video of me scrunching one up but dis wont upload vids. It makes everything seem so unnatural and fake and weird. I feel like i finally know what my nan and gdad felt like when floppy disks were invented.


I remember getting a plastic fiver in Northern Ireland about fifteen years ago. It had a picture of the space shuttle on it that made me feel like we are all heading into a bright new space age future of hope and cooperation.

Can’t believe your stupid Brexit country has taken this long to catch up.