State of this


Moderately packed commuter train at 5pm and someone actually does this :disappointed:


Throw their shoes out the window.


i told you to stop taking photos of my feet fapps



I’m so angry now. Going to kick a chair something.


Whats worse is that it prevents two people from sitting down.


“Excuse me could you move your feet so I can sit here.”
“Oh yes sorry”
“No problem”

Earth continues spinning on it’s axis.


You need to get your trampling shoes on and sit opposite :+1:


this is brilliant. feeling proper energised by the hate flowing through me.


Karrimor kunt!


You mean Theo?


One of the less successful cartoon brand ambassadors


Spit on his feet/inside his shoes


Spill a scalding hot drink over them.


Move his shoes into the vestibule area and scatter a load of drawing pins between them and his seat.


Slap his face with the sole of his shoe


smash his toes into a fine paste and feed that fine paste back to him while laughing




Schieß dem Fenster…


There’s a guy about to board my train who’s wearing a fedora. Never seen one in real life (as opposed to in memes)


i thought it was the paper and arm of the chair meaning someones reserving it