State of your desk?


What kind of state is your desk in? I’d say mine is in a right state at the moment, should probably tidy it but cba.



Absolutely blitzed mine last week after a clash with my boss about it.

It’s now completely clear and I work from the canteen. :frowning:


Worse than Trump’s, better than Einstein’s.


Moderate, I never touch those lever arch files. No idea what’s even in half of them.


That’s the instruction I’m giving my barber next time.


Not bad


Actually looks quite a lot like this.


Yeah, I have no idea what’s in the paper tray things on my desk.


how do you open the blinds?


Mine’s basically a holding area for my recycling.


WFH today so you can have my home desk, which is reasonably tidy.


From the other side of the glass (which is my bosses’ office)




Best it’s been for a while.


We have a clear desk policy when we leave at night so my desk looks ok at the moment. At half 3 it’ll be a bombsite.




Only things on my desk outside of PC, phone, keyboard and mouse:

Little square stack of note paper
My notepad
My mobile phone
1 x pen
An “intray” which has a small stack of current work in it

Obvs if I’m working on something that requires papers etc. I’ll have that on my desk but as a rule it has to be as clear as possible. I wasn’t always this way but I’ve changed.


I’m doing another play of that at the moment. Except I’m now at the point where to progress I need to do the puzzles and I cba with them, so might just listen to the soundtrack while playing something else instead.


XCOM but with FEZ sounds.