State pension age

gunna be 70 for anyone currently under 30, probs

Obviously won’t matter as there won’t be a structured human society by then but it’s another thing to get angry at old people for/about

I really need to sort out my pension…

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Like, I haven’t even started one yet.

What’s the rule of thumb? Half your age when you start paying into it as a percentage of your take home pay?

Good job I’m still only 28…

pension’s not going to exist by the time we’re old. it’s fine

except saps obviously


I have two. I don’t understand either of them. In fact, I think maybe I have three as work closed one and opened another. Fuck knows.

As if I’ll ever be able to retire, though.

yeah I’ve got 2 and don’t have a clue what’s going on with them. It’s a 2017 job for me and the missus to get along to an IFA and get some advice regarding pensions, a will, long term savings for the kids etc.


i’m banking on us all being dead before i’d need to claim a pension. or at least, the financial system collapsing in its entirety.

either way, i’ll be quids in.


I’m just having kids and leaving them to sort me out. I’ll just move in with them ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Life expectancy where I am means I can look forward to a solid 2 years of happy retirement then.


Boohoo I don’t want to work in my 70s. Shouldn’t have been born in the 90s then you prick!

Burn’s Night, mate. You could have one of your rank sandwiches to celebrate.

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it’ll probably have gone cold by then

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My birfday innit. I think my heart will be too full of cholesterol at that age to even dream of ever eating a delicious Deeney’s haggis toastie, more information can be found here.

ooooh tell us about the 70s again you boring old cunt


Imagine how different the employment landscape will be then. Workplaces will be a complete robot-fest, it doesn’t bear thinking about retirement ages in 2017.

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It’s my mate Dave’s birthday too!

He sounds great!

I have loads of old pensions floating around from old jobs and I don’t understand them.

It won’t exist by the time we’re old anyway, will it? I presume the intention behind making everyone have a workplace pension is so they can bin off the state pension in a few years isn’t it?

I’ve got 12% a month (6% from me, 6% from the employer) going into the pension scheme ere, no idea if that’s good or not.

I’d like to think I’ll be able to ‘retire’ (or semi-retire, at least) at 54, have nice things and go on 3 nice holidays a year like my dad seems to be doing, but there’s not a fucking chance of that happening.

Probably all be working until we drop dead, won’t we?