Statement clothing/ dramatic changes of look

Pretty jealous of people who can do a ‘look’ tbh. Takes so much self confidence.

I’m so bad at clothes, literally end up wearing the same handful of items until they fall apart.

For some reason the only image that comes to mind with Bernard is him in tiny shorts.

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Once wore a studded leather bracelet to school in an emo phase, my mates laughed and said “it’s not a HYG thing”.

Wore an army surplus military jacket (like the Libertines! except green not red) acquired from Reading Festival for my first year at uni, probably got myself a reputation as a massive bellend, which is fair.

Last year or so I started wearing a leather jacket, again probably to sniggers from those around me but I like it (though Mrs HYG is aggrieved I wear that rather than the nice Barbour jacket she got me for a present).

Come on, you can’t post and not talk about the red trouser phase!

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I dress outlandishly out of an acute lack of self esteem tbh, just feel all wrong without doing it, but confidence is not a given at all

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That was never a dramatic statement though, I just drifted into that posh preppy thing because that was what university was like.

There was a guy at my uni who wore 3 piece tweed suits and smoked a pipe

I wonder if he just adopted that look overnight?


always interested me as to how people start to smoke a pipe. I mean that takes effort doesn’t it. And you’ve actively decided other forms of smoking just aren’t doing it for you.

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Thought when I hit 40 I would try a Nick Cave style suits look. Several years later I only own one suit and apart from the day I tried it on in the shop have never worn it.


Tiny shorts were a big part of my get up 2009-2010

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Nothing at all dramatic. I was deeply unfashionable/uninterested in clothes at school, didn’t become a plaid shirt/skinny jeans/converse indie twat until uni and remain so today, but I doubt anyone noticed the transformation.

Did have a short phase once of trying to impress a girl I fancied by trying to be one of those cool people who wear DMs and tuck in/button up their paisley shirts but I didn’t really take to being uncomfortable all the time


I dip dyed the ends of my hair dark blue after GCSEs. Horrible look but the main picture of me from that time is quite nice because the blue is camouflaged by the dress I’m wearing.

I’m gonna do this but with rose gold during this week (not really a dramatic change though)


Reminds me of the time i borrowed my dad’s long leather coat once, got called neo and never wore it again :joy:

Also got into neon jumpers when i was 16, they were gross and mostly orange


There were people like this at my university. One carried a teddy bear like Sebastian from Brideshead Revisited. They were known as ‘young fogeys’. Not sure if this was their choice or ours.




I kind of want to do this, but I’ve overestimated how much people would judge me for my vanity

Also cause I still live at home

It’s not even like majorly dramatic, just wanting to dress a bit nicer. (Also I wish clothes shops would have an hour where it’s borderline empty and no one will ask if I need help)

Amount of people who just shlep into uni basically in their PJ’s and a hoodie is criminal


Aka. the Jacob Rees Mogg look

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Strong look

Can’t believe I ever looked like that tbf