Station to Station


Says an awful lot about Station to Station that Golden Years is the worst track


Station to Station
Golden Years
Word On A Wing
Wild Is The Wind


Oh oops[poll public=true]

  • Station to Station
  • Golden Years
  • Word On A Wing
  • TVC -15
  • Stay
  • Wild Is The Wind


Once again I’m going to regret starting this. Every song is one of the best songs ever


Station To Station > TVC15 > Golden Years > i never really remember the other 3. the first two are two of his very very best though.


Dumb as fook making a thread about this cos every song is a stone cold classic.


The poll is utterly pointless but this is DiS so let’s see where this goes…


You missed at least two or three of the best tunes haha. Stay ffs ha


Fuck, Wild is the Wind has just come on and now it’s my favourite tune…


I’ve changed my choice to Wild…


Should’ve just made a poll of favourite Bowie albums. Easy


Earthlings>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>anything else






so good