Statues in your town

Statues are hot news right now (rightly so, not trivialising anything), so what’s your town, city or hamlet rocking?

The only ones I know of in Nottingham are for Robin Hood, Jesse Boot, Robert Juckes Clifton and - especially cringeworthy - Brian Clough (no, really).

Not sure but there is some kind of heavy artillery thing right outside the station.

In Guildford sitting on the Surrey scholar statue is my favourite spot, no idea who he is

Just this one from the nursery rhyme I think


That’s a good statue tbf.

Oh yeah, we’ve got a cannon in the arboretum.

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My current town: we yeet our statues into the Avon

My home town:

The Steelman. Not much of a story to the lad, it’s just a steel town. Corby FC’s ground is called Steel Park too (obviously should’ve been called The Furnace ffs)


Haagse harry


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my hometown finally erected a statue of Flann O’Brien a few years ago outside in the library in the town square


Mate, what the fuck is that?

Most public statues are bullshit - rich men or nameless token women, their placement is political as well as the choice of who it is and honestly they should all be scrapped. Except for that cartoon character one in Glasgow.


Brno had this lovely horse

and if you stand underneath it, this is your view…


This would be good if it weren’t for the man of war riding him.

Scrap the man, keep the penis horse.


Yeah, the fact that we have a statue of someone who managed a football team for a bit and it’s right in the middle of town. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Thomas Waghorn supposedly came up with this new route from Britain to India but the latest thinking is that he was a bullshitter

a motto for life


There’s that bear at Woodthorpe grange too

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Ooh don’t know about that one

Clough is the only Nottingham statue I remember seeing. I have no problem with statues of really good football managers tbf


Seems a bit low effort to earn a statue though. Someone from Nottingham invented ibuprofen ffs.